When does WD pick up?

Witch Doctor
I started a WD after playing various classes in the Stress Beta (mainly monk).

I was a big necro guy in D2, and I like the idea behind the WD, and i'd like to enjoy it, but right now, at level 7ish or so, it just feels.. off. I have Splinters, and Dire Bats and it just seems like neither the darts, nor the corpse spiders do much damage. Dire bats do, but I run out of mana VERY quickly, and the mobs seem to have to be very close to me for it to work.

I have my dogs out, and they help, but It just feels like I'm missing something. Am I? Or do WD's take a little bit to ramp up?
Level 11 you get dire bats, that helps a lot, then at level 19 you get something awesome.
Currently 24 and wiping anything out. To me 20 was a big level and my dps went up alot around 18-20.
I think a massive part of playing a WD is kiting.. They can do DoT with haunt and their pets but they are squishy. It's ok to run away from enemies if you are still doing damage to them.
Use the corpse spiders and Grasp of the Dead with Zombie dogs.
Will change to a kiting set-up when I need to tbh.

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