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Pretty sure i recall people asking a few times if we would find out or see what happened to the hero's from d2. Just did act 1-4 and did not see anything.. anyone see them? kinda disappointing considering all the throw backs they did put in the game...
Upon JUST finishing the game myself I am super let down as to little to no references at all to the previous 5 heroes. The story was kind of lame to be honest.. this game feels NOTHING like Diablo really. Itemization is weak and boring and doesnt throw back to the games that came before it. Maybe im just burnt out on my marathon session through the story....
I ran into the necromancer in Act 2.
in d2 the rogue was Blood Raven
The wizard was the one killed in arcane sanctum in lut gholein
In the D3 wizard lore, isn't the sorceress who trained her the hero from D2?
blizzard pulled a Belial on us
In Act 2 I ran into an event to help a necromancer kill some spirits. Afterwards he makes a reference about his master 20 years ago battling the forces of hell.
Probably part of the random content. You might see them, you might not. You might see them next time you play.

Sorceress is dead by the way (offed by an Assassin, if you're playing a female wizard than you were her protege).

You used to be able to play the D2 barb, but I think they changed the story so that you're not that guy anymore.

Pally, IDK
Zon, IDK, might find out if they put her island in in an expansion.
Druid, IDK
Assassin, IDK
finally, there are rumors of the Necro's apprentice, probably random content.

finally, there are rumors of the Necro's apprentice, probably random content.

Did the quest with this guy. He claims that he could "never top" his masters exploits and explains that his masters fought the forces of hell 20 years ago. It seems like Blizzard wanted to hint this was his apprentice.

There is a weird moment with the Barbarian that hints he still is the Barbarian from Diablo 2. Kulle asks him at one point if he has ever seen archietcture greater then his sanctuary. The Barbarian responds with the Worldstone Keep. However, the three ANcients guarded the Worldstone keep and only those with the artifact Baal took could enter. This suggests that the Barbarian has been in the Worldstone keep making him either one of the lucky few who got to go in with the artifact or the Barbarian who fought Baal.
yeah, cool thread! Could someone explain WHY the Sorc. is dead? Are there more infos about that event? Unfortunately I didn't choose the Sorc. so there ain't a chance to hear about the story - for now.
I wonder how my Barbarian from D2 survived the destruction of the world stone though.
i dont know i did not see many at all
Listen to all the fine details. They can't have been left out....Blizzard isn't that incompetent; right?
yeah, i read that too but I think it's not quite obvisious if the sorc. from the story was in fact the one from Diablo 2. Okay there might be a few similarities such as fighting hell-creatures 20 years ago (everybody did, i think - just mentioning the barbarians from act 5) but besides that there's no hint that she could be the one.
I am pretty sure the sorceress's clan, or any other clans sent out more sorceresses to save Sanctuary.
necro guy on 2nd act seems to looklike his aprendice, not himself
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She bucked a little too much for the Sorc higher-ups so they had her assassinated after she botched a big spell. It's in the Wizard short story.

It's actually not known whether or not she botched the spell. That part of the story was left ambiguous. Li-ming seems to believe (if you read between the lines), that the Sorceress would have succeeded if the Assassin hadn't killed her.

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