back to starter edition wtfff

Bug Report
i bought a d3 digital copy while waiting for my collector edition yesterday. When i received my collector edition i upgraded my version to CE. Today says the digital purchase did not work and now my game is back to started edition when i clealy got a collector edition. It wont let me play unless i buy a new copy like what the hell ?

anyone having the same issue?
YES I received an email saying my purchase was not successful. But my card went through as i just checked with bank. Which loads of ppl happened the same. CANNOT believe this.
I have the same problem ffs i was already pissed that i had to do the full first part again when i upgraded my starter trial to the normal version and now i lost my character as well :(

That is just retarted :(

I hope they can fix this fast....

Already made a ticket.

Any of you guys got some feedback yet?
Nothing yet I'm on the phone with them right now and apparently there are a few thousand people trying to call them right now. Seeing as you posted this seven hours ago, did you get anything back yet?

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