A bug? Spirit vessel

Witch Doctor
so i recently got the passive skill called: Spirit vessel, that should reduce the cooldown by 2 seconds on a few of my abilities like Soul harvest. how ever, when i equip this passive skill and hover the mouse over my tooltip, it still says 15 seconds of cooldown. i tried to relog, and it still says 15 seconds so i think "Spirit Vessel" might be bugged. at least it doesnt get reduced to 13 seconds.

have anyone else noticed this?
maybe it's a typo
no i havent tried to count and yes it might just be a tooltip .. failure. but its still a bug then.. and should still be reported ^^
also noticed this - isnt working correctly, doesnt reduce the CD
I am also having this problem, iv counted it out and there doesnt seem to be any difference. the spells are still 15 second CD's even with this passive. I don't know about the part were you take fatal damage, because i dont die very often as im just starting nightmare :D
I haven't tried this, but I have something to add:

People are posting that the Monk passive that reduces cooldowns by 15% is not working, and there were people that said they timed it with a stopwatch and there was no change. (And the tooltip didn't change either obviously)

This makes me think that maybe cooldown-reduction skills are not working properly as a whole? Does anyone have a Barbarian/Wizard/Demon Hunter and noticed their cooldown reduction passives aren't working either?

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