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Hey guys,
So I've been running Diablo 3 and I'm getting the slo-mo gameplay that a lot of people are reporting. What i'm trying to figure out is what is likely causing the slow gameplay.

Note: it is NOT just constantly stuttering.
Everything is just running slow. I am playing on the lowest possible video settings with all the textures turned off.

Sometimes when I'm run into a group of monsters half my life will be gone and several enemy swings will occur all at once. (I'm playing a Barb if that matters). I've noticed that outside areas are worse. Sometimes when I enter a tomb or cellar it becomes very fast (like I was playing Diablo 2 offline), but this will slow down drastically as enemies appear or I get close to water. (the water effects can really slow it down). i also note that if I minimize diablo 3 any other applications I'm using on my computer become really slow as well.

I currently use Comcast high speed internet,

Speedtest.net quotes my internet as:
Ping: 8 ms
Download: 35.56 Mbps
upload: 5.76 Mbps

My system is an iMac 10.1 which I bought about 2 years ago.
Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 3.06 GHz
L2 Cache: 3 MB
Memory: 4 GB

video card is a NVIDIA GeForce 9400.

In game my latency bounces around 300.

What I'd like to know is if this sounds like a Frame rate problem (fps), a lag/latency problem, a videocard problem, computer bug/virus, maybe a RAM problem? I have tried completely restarting everything and then immediately logging onto Diablo but that didn't help at all. I'm hoping it's just the Diablo 3 servers being slow, but I have talked to many people who can run at high settings with no problems.

Thank you in advance!
ctrl+R shows your frame rate so you can see if thats it and go from there... it sounds like a frame rate issue
wow didn't know about ctrl R. Yea that definitely seems to be the problem. I'm ranging from 12 to 20 fps.
Im having the same problem im not sure what it is either but i tried the crt+r and im ge3tting like 9-14... is that bad?
Yeaa man im having the same issue, mostly in bigger areas and ill see a group of monsters, click on them to attack, and then immediately theyre right on top of me and im at half health. I havnt tried crtl+r but i will right now. Is there like a suggested frame rate we should be at? And if that is the issue, how could i go about fixing it?

Like green00troll ive tried pretty much everything else i could think of. Ive been through the D3 troubleshooting and did some diagnostics on my comp which came up all good; im not really sure as to what my next steps would be.
Yea. I found that as long as it stays above 20 fps it's perfectly playable. Ideally it should be above 30, and if you're 40+ that's awesome.

More forum diving lead me to believe that it's my graphics card. I have the NVIDIA GeForce 9400 which blizzard has openly said has issues running D3


Alright cool man thank you soo much. My fps is between 10-15 most of the time, but exactly yea once it hits 20 it seems perfect. it never lasts for long tho lol. ill check out these threads and look into the graphics card :) thanks again!
yeah i got the same graphics card and im getting the same problem, runs really slow and sometimes (ususlly inside) i runs nicely, but most of the time its in slowmotion. is ther anything we can actually do for this? or do we really need a different graphics card?
I had this problem, too. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M and adequate everything else, so it wasn't a systems requirements issue. As it turns out, I had accidentally let my MacBook Pro totally run out of battery (while playing Diablo 3, although that probably had nothing to do with it). Apparently that messed up my System Management Controller, which is the software that decides, for example, whether to use the internal video card or your good one (!!), or whether to put your CPU in power-starved mode or number-crushing mode. Based on my frames per second (9), the System Management Controller had decided after the battery drain that I should be valuing power over performance in all things.

Luckily resetting the SMC isn't too hard. Directions here:


Here's a hint, though. If you have a MBP where you can't remove the battery and a simple restart or shut down doesn't work, here are your steps:

1) Turn off compy.
2) Press left-side Shift+control+option+power button.
3) Release left-side Shift+control+option+power button.
4) Press power button to turn on compy.

For some reason I read the directions a couple of times and thought #3 would turn on my computer and was getting a little frustrated. So hopefully that will help someone not go through that.

To see if it worked, just start up Diablo 3 and see if it's playable again. As others have mentioned, control+R will show you your FPS if you need to see hard evidence. I went from 9 FPS to 23 AND bumped up my resolution after doing this, but I'm sure ymmv.

On a related note, I heard that some MBP will use your motherboard video card if you play in windowed mode but use your gaming video card if you play in fullscreen mode. If you go to Apple menu->System Preferences->Energy Saver there's an 'Automatic graphics switching' checkbox you can uncheck to always use your high-performance video card. This will affect battery life but your MBP is really just a Diablo 3 desktop right now anyway, right? ;)


video card is a NVIDIA GeForce 9400.

This is your problem. Go into the Mac technical support forum and you will quickly understand that while the 9400 is technically supported the game is not actually playable using that graphics card. In addition, the entire game is not optimized for the Mac OS leading to consistently low FPS on all graphics drivers/Mac processors. Apparently as your hardware increases in quality your performance issues decline but never disappear. There are people reporting that playing on bootcamp with Windows 7 makes things better but still not ideal.

I have the 9400 as well and am seeing the same performance issues that have made the game unplayable for me.
Wow... that's a pretty game-breaking problem... With all the problems coming out with Diablo III this one is the worst. I know about 30+ people who enjoy playing on their macbooks together at times, y'know, all together and stuff who were looking forwards to D3 being portable for them but... wow, this is really bad. I have come to expect better from Blizzard when it comes to compatibility. This isn't just dropping the ball, this is breaking the floor with the ball and watching it fall all the way down through the building.

A lot of casual gamers enjoy how manufacturers like Maxis and Blizzard produce games that work well on their macs as well as on PCs and that's a lot of people to alienate from your market and a lot of fans to disappoint. I hope Blizz gets on the ball and finds some way to fix this.
I have a macbook pro 13" with NVIDIA 9400M and 2g of RAM and was running into the same issues. I noticed that when playing the game full screen it was in that "slowmotion" state then I tried switching it to windowed and making the window a little smaller and that seemed to fix most if not all my issues. It's not an ideal way to view the game, but gameplay is much smoother.
yup same problem as the rest of you... 11 years for nothing, devastated, wat to do???
Just so you all know,
I have a macbook pro 15'' 2007 version.

3.06Ghz Dual Core, 8MB ram, 6400GT nvidia.

I also had super slow rates. (somewhat decent on 1440x900) on lowest settings.

Switched to my bootcamp partition on windows 7 (same macbook) installed diablo and i get 3-5 times the speeds.

I can now play on 1440x900 with near max settings and never drop under 30fps

they didn't code the mac side properly. parallels or bootcamp are your only options til a hotfix comes out
Hey Guys,

I have a macbook pro from 2008 GE Force 9600M GT 256MB.

I was having the same problems as you guys, I have a solution!

If you are using Lion (10.7.3)

System Preferences -> Energy Saver -> Higher Perfomance

It will log you out of your account, when you log back in it should now be playable.

On 1440 x 900 i get roughly 20-25 fps on lower resolutions around 30 fps.

As mentioned above, bootcamp works too because it essentially ignores discreet graphics.

Good luck!
Hey Guys,

I have a macbook pro from 2008 GE Force 9600M GT 256MB.

I was having the same problems as you guys, I have a solution!

If you are using Lion (10.7.3)

System Preferences -> Energy Saver -> Higher Perfomance

It will log you out of your account, when you log back in it should now be playable.

On 1440 x 900 i get roughly 20-25 fps on lower resolutions around 30 fps.

As mentioned above, bootcamp works too because it essentially ignores discreet graphics.

Good luck!

I don't see an option like that in my system preferences/energy saver
NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M

any help please? i did the ctrl alt option method. as well as energy save method and still i get 4 fps.
I do not see an option like that either... I really need help!! haha
Hi guys. I have same problem as everyone. Diablo 3 on OSx is too slow even on lowest details.
But I have also Windows 7 instalet via bootcamp. And under the windows I go in 1650x1080 smoothly and ok.

I have:
Macbook pro 15'
Intel Core 2 Duo 2,8GHz
Nvidia 9600GT
8GB ram

Found the problem.

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