Am I the only one being 1 shotted?

Demon Hunter
Hello everyone, after playing hell act 3, I have raged 3 times now. I am level 57 and play with 3 other static members; I have 29k Hp. My big question is, Is it only me that is being one shotted at nearly every encounter? Or is this a class pandemic? I use a 2handed bow, have 27% dodge, and smoke screen when I can. Furthermore, I would like to open to floor to anyone with any credible experience with the DH class to provide me with tips or advice on ways to survive and still maintain a average level of DPS.
what is ur defense?
Granger - Don't get hit =P

Abuse the crap out of smoke screen + lingering fog.
Plus - Use prep as well. I am also a DH nearly the same level as you. My damage is sitting at around 5k atm as well... I am also doing a build in which I am trying to abuse the "get a crit, chance to gain disc" skill so that I can stay smoke screened almost all the time during an encounter and avoid all encounters when my stuff is on cd.
Your Options are to not get hit (smoke screen cheese), or to stack the same resistances that everyone else is expected to stack... and then some cause DH don't have any good defensive passives.

People love throwing around huge impressive numbers for HP and Armor, but without any resistances you might as well kiss your !@# goodbye. Hence why the Smoke Screen abuse is the most popular way to DH.
Thank you all for your wonderful replies. I feel very enlightened; I do not know how the !@#$ I made it to 57 without figuring this out. As you can tell, I do not use forums often. I thought the DH class was broken or something. Thankfully, with all your advice collaborated, I am able to enjoy playing much more vice raging.

Now that I have a captivated audience: What is your impressions on using a shield instead of a quiver? Which situations dictate the use of either or?

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