Gems not increasing dps correctly

Bug Report
It seems that gems are not increasing dps as they should. The example I have is a wand, with a base damage range of 17-31, 1.4 hits per second, and a listed dps of 33.6. This works out, as 1.4*(17 + 31)/2 = 33.6. Now, I put a flawed ruby into the wand, which adds 4-8 damage. I would expect the new dps to be 1.4*(21 + 39)/2 = 42. However, when I add the gem, the listed damage range becomes 21 - 35, which is only adding 4 to each stat, listing a dps of 39.2 instead. Am I missing something? It seems like the gem is adding a constant 4 damage instead of 4-8.
I noticed this too. Seems to be a typo somewhere. In game it says 4-8, but it only adds 4, right? Well, the game guide here says that any ruby flatly increases maximum and minimun damage the same amount, in your example case, 4.

Not sure which is wrong though.

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