Demon Hunter and Def in Inferno

Demon Hunter
OK so i`d like to know if high def items are useful in Inferno for a DH or if its pointless because you get 1 shotted anyway. Im still in hell but already planning my gear for Inferno and if Def doesnt really matter then i wont waste my time looking for all those uber high def items on the AH. Will look for level 60 items with good stats instead.

I see a lot of posts about having high life total ect but what about high def ?

3 items with resistance to all and generally just getting the higher level items for the increased armor is good. High life without any damage reduction is pointless, I believe it's a better return of investment early on with resistances. Resistances do have diminishing returns though, so 150-170 is a good place to be.
try to get enough hp to atleast survive 1 hit in inferno or you're going to have a terrible time. after that just go pure damage and rely on SS/pots/health globes/prep
I have almost finished act 2 inferno, I have 14k life and low resistances. Never during my demon hunter career did I have more. A friend whos at the same place as me has 3 times more life, but that doesent change the way she has to play. She just doesent get 1hit by stray arrows like I do.

It doesent make MUCH difference, but if you dont have the defense then you always have to stay on your toes and be VERY careful about the signs of underground worms/stray arrows/everything. With defense you can probably tank an arrow that you didnt see.

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