Equipment Mod question.

Demon Hunter
Just looking for what mods on equipment I should be looking for. I know Dex and Vit. What about IAS, is it good like it was in D2? What are some of the others? Oh and what about res. is that a big part of the game still?

Sorry for the noob questions, but they have little info up yet, and between work, my daughter and planning my wedding I have not had time to play much and get educated like some of you guys.

+Max Discipline on DH cloaks, quivers and 1H xbows. This is a godsend in inferno. IAS is huge for damage, my 79dex.15%ias rings add 2.2k damage each @60 with a 630 damage bow (dex is % of damage based) low level I used 6-12 dmg 10% ias rings. In inferno my armor/resistances are lower than they could be with all lvl 60 gear, but I stacked up to almost 40k HP and was still getting one shotted. Don't know if more resistance/armor would help. The only tie I don't die is when I dodge via dex stacking.
Thanks for the reply!!

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