Inferno Wizard Livestream

Join me for some crazy inferno livestreaming, I'm partying with a lvl 60 Demonhunter Vyrulent.

Feel free to chat I'm always monitoring it and more than happy to answer questions
Still streaming, check us out!
whats your build? and is it geared towards the 2 of you together or solo?
Good stuff
Not doing inferno mode right now, will be doing more later, questing on an alt with my brother who is just starting the game
Back to inferno mode with Vyrulent come watch us, my current build is a Hydra/Blizzard build. I'll be more than ahppy to explain more about it and break down my reasoning in the stream
How do you place your skills/passive?
Join us in the chat, I'll be more than happy to respond. I'd rather speak with my mic than type everything out here!

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