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This post is really long and poorly written, read it if you feel like it. I'm quite sure I repeat a lot of stuff.

After tinkering around with my damage I came to the conclusion that since skills consuming hatred have far more utility and relatively higher damage than hatred generating skills, I invested in building for Attack Speed.
These are the skills I use (bear with me here)

My main attacking skill is covering fire, hits for 125%, hits 3 targets, can be used for positioning yourself away from enemies as well (has MAJOR drawbacks if you begin back flipping while pinned to a corner.
1. being that your DPS goes down,
2. I experimented and you can't smoke screen for about 0.6 -0.8 secondsish after casting Evasive Fire (something with the animation I don't know) where as using a skill like hungering strike allows you to cast smoke screen directly after), also it shoots through walls made by rares (awesome), plus it generates 4 hatred instead of the more common 3.
My conclusion was that the more hatred I can generate, the more utility / damage I can do in solo / coop. With more hatred at my disposal I can (and I do)
1. Snipe off strays that threaten squishy group members (including myself) on a side note over penetration and impale work good too, I haven't permanently decided which one i like the most.
2. Spam multishot, good grief just spam multishot. My current items put me at 3.66 attack speed with 16k atk damage (just got into inferno bear with the low damage), with this I can burn through all my hatred in under 2 seconds and get back to generating more.

Okay this is getting really long, I'll just make it simple.

- Entangling shot, chain gang at the initiation of a fight, things move slower, my team knows what to do, whatever, I can also use it kite melee mobs and protect my teammates when they are fleeing. Picked up for utility, and in some scenarios where I can't use evasive fire because I don't have enough discpline to teach my dang DH not to backflip, the skill itself hits 4 clumped targets for relatively decent damage.
- Impale, grievous wounds to pick off strays and burn down single targets, I usually use this on rare fights to help bring the number from 3 to 2 faster than normal, or as a protective ability to snipe that one mob that threatens a squishy (impale would work too, I think i said earlier it's a matter of choice). Note that hatred is not an issue here being that it takes 8 seconds or so to go from 0 hatred to 125 with my attack speed
- (spam) Evasive fire, covering fire, good damage, generates hatred fast, impossible to miss with, just aim in the general direction of the mobs and press 3, shoots through walls spawned by rares.
- Multishot, fire at will, good grief, using this skill i burn through all my hatred in 2 seconds, I contemplated getting the sharpshooter passive with rapid fire (6x attack speed, i have 3.66 attack speed, I'd be able to get 16 critical hits off in a second, face melt, however this would be in an 'optimal' situation. I haven't tried it either but in theory it works, whatever). DH needs the heavy AoE damage to mow down those "relatively" low health mob packs that swarm around the group. You always have to remember to position yourself before hand.

umm... hmmm.. oh well I guess i picked backup plan for preparation because having that option of a back to back preparation is just awesome. I've gotten 5 preparations back to back, hysterical stuff. Stood in the fire next to the butcher for at least 40 seconds after he enraged.
An example where I use evasive fire uhh... I guess I used it during the spider queen fight, when she spawns 3 adds I position myself before hand, go smoke screen so I don't aggro, then just dps down all 3 at the same time, guaranteed hits for 125% damage, then I used multishot to do more AoE dps like.. yeah...

In my opinion my dps revolves around the huge multishot wave that happens when my hatred is full, which relies on the evasive fire to provide the said hatred, I could use grenades but... naaaaah, I didn't enjoy the whole aiming aspect of it. Evasive fire is just easier to use since it has a pretty long range and you don't have to visibly see your enemy on the screen to hit it with the skill.

Meh I'll edit this if you guys want me to, I'm just too tired at the moment. I'll probably tweak this if you guys are critical about my spaelin n' gramer
oh right on a side note I think evasive fire has a 'bending' attack, like it's a cone attack but i see it attack mobs around a corner, before it comes into my field of vision (like i can attack the mob before it even comes infront of the door, there's a physical wall between the mob and I, not a grill or fence, but, actually I think I know, okay here's my theory, I think that when I'm attacking a mob I can see, the other 2 projectiles that do damage curve a bit, or just disregard the wall in the way between the mob and I, it's a possibility knowing that the skill doesn't take walls spawned by rares as an obstacle. hmmmm... I'll have to test this out further.
... yeah I've been thinking about this for 5 minutes now I think that Evasive fire does have some interesting properties... Oh right I forgot to mention that it's NOT inhibited by missile dampening since it doesn't shoot a physical projectile in the skill cast, it just does that little triple lazer light show when it shoots. which is another reason I think it's pretty awesome.
Oh right I forgot, okay i was going to say why i chose this over like the splinter shot or piercing arrow or whatever, (also the reason I don't pick overpenetration is because I spam multishot enough to make it obsolete) so yeah here's 2 scenarios of mobs coming at you, I'm keeping it at 3 for simplicities sake.

Scenario 1: 3 mobs coming at you in a straight line, any piercing shot would work, or evasive fire would work as well, however with a piercing shot as a left click you obviously don't have a snare unless you use caltrops (in which case you sacrifice smoke screen, don't do that). Hence it's much easier to kite these mobs if you don't kill them immediately, but in either scenario you do tons of damage.
Scenario 2: 3 mobs coming at you in a horizontal fashion. a piercing shot would not be efficient here, splinter shot would probably work pretty well, or you could just use evasive fire to hit all 3, it just takes the 3 closest mobs within its cone radius and deals damage to them. Kite with your entangling shot, blah blah blah, win the game. gg
I think I'll just add more junk to this until I feel like slimming down this entire post.
bump because I would really like at least one person's opinion on this.
Looks like a pretty good build all around. I didn't read through the whole thread but I would change a few small things. If multishot is burning your hatred too quick, try changing to the double chakrams. For preparation you should try out the focused mind rune. It's amazing how many uses you can get out of Smoke Screen after using it. Just do what works for you.
well it's not like it's lowering my dps, if it burns all my hatred that means I still performed it 8 times, just really fast (cranking out more skills). Why use double chakrams if you can burn all your hatred with multishot and continue to use evasive fire, by the time you run out of hatred from using the chakrams you could be able to use multishot again.
edit: got to fix that grammar.
also the pathing on chakrams always threw me off, if you're in close quarters or in a room with a lot of jutting out walls or cut offs (such as in the bastion's keep, or any enclosed area), the extent of how useful the chakrams will be are limited (one or both might hit a wall, and also mobs tend to funnel due to how aggro works, in wide open areas it wouldn't be hard, but it would be unlikely to hit all the mobs in-front of you with double chakram, where as with the multishot (cone attack), if its in your field of view, you're guaranteed to hit it.
This is a setup aimed for clearing large groups, minions, and just adds in general. I acknowledge the critical strike setup and it definitely is a strong one for single targeting. because of... well, it's focus around critical strike.

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