Feminine Diablo (End Game Spoilers)

Lore and Story
05/22/2012 03:11 AMPosted by Zaimun
He most likely takes on some of the traits of the host he was possessing, in this case Leah.
He most likely takes on some of the traits of the host he was possessing, in this case Leah.

It's not a valid reason, it's just a short-story-cut effect. Ok, some guy must have say that like a joke "And what if we make a female Diablo ? You know he came from Leah after all", then others didn't understand the joke and they approve him a lot, with claps and "astounding" comments.

Damn. It is Diablo we are speaking, not a pitiful ghost spirit without strength. He can came out from a car if he want (yeah, car have spirit, see Transformers) he will not be like a car.

Anyway, this Leah exorcism was a bad idea, not in the spirit of previous games to make suffer innocent girls.
05/22/2012 08:55 PMPosted by jackthehobo
Perhaps angels and demons are actually genderless?

Strictly speaking, they have no sex. They do seem to have intercourse, and I believe that the 'taker' is female and the 'giver' male. I guess the gendered words used to describe them are assigned either according to how often they take vs give, or by humans who perceive them as male or female.

Then why does Decard Cain tell us that Andarial was the only female evil. "lore books Act 2"
I was very disappointed when i first saw Diablo prance daintily towards me. The only redemption for the final Diablo battle was the plasma ray that he, or now she, spits out in the second half of the fight. This plasma reminded me of the good old Diablo from D2. Another curious design choice was to warp the dead body back to the center of the map regardless of where the final blow is struck. Why couldn't we just kill "her" anywhere?

P.S. Please let us skip the dialogue and cut scenes that hijack the camera. They greatly disrupt game-play.

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