Insanely Fun Dodge Build

Prior info: level 54 barbarian
14k Life
3k DPS
3.5k Armor

310 Dex//15.3% dodge rating (base)

Gear is not primarily dex focused but:
24 dex on weapon
31 dex on boots
48 dex on armor
47 dex on gloves
74 dex on amulet
27 dex on helmet

No dex on shoulders, either ring, wrist, belt or pants. 6 sockets between all my gear (excluding weapon) and none of it is socketed for dex,

Using a 2H weapon (for the lolz...seriously, there's no other reason)

I'm currently in Hell mode, bouncing around between Act 1 and Act 2 to test things, so no, I don't know how this works in Inferno.

The build:!bVg!cYYacY

Bash (pulverize): Good damage by default, LARGE hit radius and great for hit-and-run if need be, while building up fury.

Whirlwind: Main attack, will be mostly infinite when used properly and for me it usually lasts long enough to finish off any mobs.

Warcry: Gives dodge bonus and armor in the event you do get hit. Can be used preemptively, of course in order to give you +20 fury, which instantly allows you to use sprint.

Revenge: If you get hit, revenge allows you to do even more spinning around to recover your hp, before resuming what you were doing before. Provocation rune increases survivability.

Sprint: Makes it very easy to get to or from battle, escape the occasional dangerous situation, useful as a movement skill in non-combat situations and THE MOVEMENT SPEED APPLIES TO WHIRLWIND. Sprint + Whirlwind allows you to tear through mobs twice as fast and using sprint against large monsters allows you to easily avoid their smash attacks.

Sprint can even be used to run around monsters to avoid their hits and then retaliate.

WotB: +several buffs and increases your dodge rating to a ridiculous amount.

Tough as Nails/Nerves of Steel: Survivability.

Brawler: Whirlwind by itself doesn't do that incredible damage. With Brawler, it raises the damage by 30% as long as there are 3 enemies around you, which there will almost always be. If you switch out the bash rune with punish, you can get the damage up for faster kills. +18% skill damage with fully stacked bash, +30% damage from brawler and the 110% weapon damage from Whirlwind regularly.

Additional info: Yes, WotB takes a long time to cool down, about 2 minutes for 15 seconds of extremely high dodge rating. I'm not level 60, so I don't have my final passive, but if you want to try it, you can use that to reduce the cooldown to 90 seconds. You're in WotB state for 15 seconds, so the effective cooldown is really only 75 seconds.

My buffed dodge rate, without sprint (war cry): 28%
My buffed dodge rate, without sprint (WotB and war cry): 71.6%
My buffed dodge rate, without WotB (sprint and war cry): 36.6%
My fully buffed dodge rate: 74.6%

All runes that are added to Sprint is synonymous with adding an extra rune to Whirlwind. Sprint + Gangway and Whirlwind + Windshear means that you are gaining 1 fury for every enemy you're hitting and knocking back every single enemy so that they are stunned and you are still within hitting distance (due to the large AoE of Whirlwind).

By stunned, I don't mean the stun effect, I mean the fact that as they're getting hit, they bounce backwards and are unable to attack for .5-1 seconds. If the enemy can't be knocked back, obviously this isn't any longer effective, but versus most mobs, this is an extreme combo.

Elites I've fought:

Plague + Vortex + Mortar: Easy kill. Mortar doesn't work when you stay in the enemy's face. Vortex, if in danger, is easy escaped by having spring and Plague activates your revenge. In any dangerous situation, throwing up a potion should solve the problem.

Waller+Extra Health+ Vortex: Even easier. Waller can be dangerous to this build actually, but the dodge rate makes up for it.

Electrofied + Illusionist + Teleport: LOL. This is probably the most invincible I've ever felt.

Fire chains + Illusionist + ???: I don't know what the last effect was, probably because it didn't make a big difference on the fight, but fire chains can be pretty deadly. It's easily run away from, but if you're outright aggressive towards the mob, the kill can go by quickly and completely avert being decimated by them, as long as you don't run directly in between all three (or do it and kill them quickly).

Final thoughts: I don't have level 60, so I haven't had a chance to try out a few things. If you really want, you can remove sprint all together and replace it with something else.

If you have a high crit chance (which I do not), I'm assuming that Bloodshed + Whirlwind + WotB, with a high dodge chance would make mobs go boom quite nicely.

Rend + Bloodlust would most likely work well.

Battle Rage + Marauder's Rage would work extremely well to strengthen the damage of the windmill.

Threatening Shout + Falter would also work extremely well, slowing down enemy hits to further reduce the chance of you getting hit.

Ignore Pain + Ignorance is Bliss/Contempt for Weakness would also increase survivabilty, while not necessarily increasing damage output at all.

The reasons these skills were chosen as alternatives is because they all have short animations, they spin (which is cool) or they have lasting effects that stack on top of the other main parts of the build.

Adding a shield gives you block rate on top of dodge rate. Having a shield that has high block rate or sockets can give you even more dodge rate on top of that.
The reason why most barbs don't prefer a high focus on dodge is because it takes away from your revenge procs which are very important but that being said I'm glad people are experimenting with other builds; Afterall, this game is still very new.
This build actually seems like a very interesting idea that I would like to try, and see if it is valid in inferno. You're using sprint which I don't think I've used once, but would probly be an extremely helpful skill in inferno, although I'm not sure
I want to say it'll work in inferno, but I have never been.

I have friends in inferno who can rush me through straight to the end of Hell so that I can unlock it, but I want to actually play through the Hell mode rather than cheesing it.

I wasn't ever going to try sprint, but once I did, I noticed that Whirlwind is MADE to be used with sprint...or better yet, vice versa.

I don't have great gear, I'm not in the mode of caring until I hit level 60, but I imagine things could only get better with better gear, especially with more emphasis on dex.

05/22/2012 01:12 PMPosted by Invictus
The reason why most barbs don't prefer a high focus on dodge is because it takes away from your revenge procs which are very important but that being said I'm glad people are experimenting with other builds; Afterall, this game is still very new.

Actually, my revenge procs weren't affected much at all. Instead of using revenge offensively, I just used revenge defensively. With Provocation as a rune, it actually actives more often than 30% (for me at least) so when I do get hit, I can regain my health.

More ways to regain health would be great, but that's mostly my fault because I have bad gear and it isn't focused on health regen or life draining. I have a ruby in my sword rather than an amethyst, for example. Brawler could be switched out with Bloodthirst and Sprint with Rend, even though I truly love sprint.
could you not change revenge for something like overpower with revel, granted it's a 15 second CD but it's potentially going to heal you when you need it rather than when RNG favours you.
you could also go with the charge with the HP regen for the mobs hit i've noticed sometimes it will actually have you hit the same mob more then once so regens double damage (or seems to at least)

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