Smoke Screen Lingering Fog Rune doesn't work

Bug Report
It used to be that when I activated Smoke Screen, The skill would last for 3 seconds, and the cooldown was 2 seconds, perfect.

However, now those two numbers seem to be inverted, CD is 3 seconds and Smoke Screen is 2 seconds.

Please look into it! Thanks!
Tested, the lingering fog runes probably works as intended. remove it, and you will notice that smoke screen is now down to 1 second duration, from 2. the tooltip does not reflect this. i am still searching if they implemented a hotfix for this or not. will reply if i find anything else out.

really hope this is not the case, 2 second smoke on a 2.5 second CD is crippling :(
It used to be 3 though, this is a really recent change/bug...

It's like 10x harder to play than before
Well, maybe i was jumping the guns a bit too fast there ... apparently it has been hotfixed to 1 second smoke, 2 second with lingering. judging from the forums outcry right now in the demon hunter section.

But this is not as crippling as i thought, i have yet to find an elite pack i could not kite down without smoke, i'm on inferno act 1 mind you, apparently it is much worse act 2.

I see it more like a oh-$#%^& button than anything, and yes i find the nerf was warrented, not gonna edit my previous post because i did go overboard ^_^

It's rather 1,5 s or something with lingering rune... and tooltip still says 2 sec(3 with ling).

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