Shen, the jeweler - Who is he, really?

Lore and Story
I hope we never really learn who or what Shen is. He is one of the better written characters in the game and I fear that, given Blizzard's current offerings, would only be ruined if he was elaborated upon. I love him just as he is: the mysterious, double talking, strangely at ease, evil gem chasing dude I found in a barrel :D
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Shen IS Inarius

inarius is imprisioned in hell for eternity.
So, If Covetious is the lord of greed, It means the treasure goblins are his minions and the portals they open would take us to Shen's realm?
Shen likes turtles, he told me
I know! Coveteus Shen is...the Jeweler!


No way!

There. That's your answer.
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inarius is imprisioned in hell for eternity.

The Great Evil who imprisoned him had been imprisoned for quite a while by Tyrael lately. No one said he couldn't have pulled a Jack Sparrow like escape from his prison aswell while his 'father-in-law' was 'occupied'. ;)
The Legend of Zei the Trickster

The people of Xiansai worship fifty-nine gods, but few are revered more than Zei, the exiled trickster god who travels the face of the world, disguised as a humble. Tales of his adventures range from ingenious thefts and practical jokes to more... lurid exploits, none of which I am comfortable recording here.

Abd al-Hazir
He's supposed to be the hero's mother in disguise.

In the expansion you discover this and find out that all the gems he has given you are actually absorbing your power which he uses to revive Diablo. Then you have to kill the nephalim-powered Diablo.

TLDR: your mom
shen reminds of a typical chinese prophet or guide. Shen is Po's father from kung fu panda. The duck. lol
Basically, I understand why Shen may come off as being Greed.

But he seems kindly and cunning in a way which, thus far, isn't typical of either an angel or demon. After all, he encourages us over the fate of Leah's soul, makes lots of sarcastic and cunning remarks, and travels with us through our adventure crafting gear for us.

I hope (and suspect) he is a more complex character, such as that trickster god or one of the original nephalem, or perhaps a demon of greed gone rogue.
I dont know about you guys, but i'm thinking Shen led Gavin down there on purpose! He knew Gavin would betray him and touch that relic first, thus cursing him! Then, Shen knew he could take it afterwards.

Hes a sneaky guy and a murderer of poor Gavin.

He is in Nephalem form though, and the spirits can't even agree on who he is (according to WD dialogue). This means that he is probably something different than nephalem, demons, or angels, similar to Trang'oul, but in a different (human) form.

My guess is that he is Anu.

citation or gtfo
You mean apart from the entire dungeon where Mr. Nephalem ghost tells you that you are a Nephalem. You mean apart from the whole conversation with Zoltun Kulle who also says you are a Nephalem. You mean apart from everyone everywhere calling you a Nepahlem. You mean apart from you single handedly killing a being who brought heaven down to its knees? You mean apart from you single handedly destroying an entire demonic army? You mean apart from the game itself awarding you "Nephalem Valor"

haha This guy is such a boss

There's a HUGE hole in that, all humans are indeed transcendent from nephalem, thanks to the worldstone, they became weaker and weaker as they were born. In order to be called a nephalem and have really any sort of power, you'd have to be one of the original nephalem.

You can't have a power "awakened" when there was been centuries of it being weakened.

here, I will have an immortal cookie on this table. it will never go bad. But I decide the cookie is too powerful, I will eat a bit in 1 year, again another year, again another year, sooner or later there is no cookie.

I think since the worldstone was destroyed, the powers of nephalem descendants have begun to grow once again. It's not that they were awakened, it's that in the 20 years without the dampening effect, they're powers are returning.

"It is unknown what exact effect the destruction of the Worldstone will have on the inhabitants of Sanctuary. There are currently three very connected speculations regarding the power of the humans:
Now that the Worldstone is destroyed, the power of the Nephalem will now stop decreasing.
The power of the new generation of the Nephalem will not only stop decreasing, but will actually return to the original degree that it was at the creation of Sanctuary, surpassing those of both Angels and Demons.
The power will gradually refill over the new generations, much like it degraded before.
This may explain the very god-like powers of the classes in Diablo III as mentioned by Blizzard. It should be noted, in that respect, that the (female) Wizard is specifically stated to be nineteen-years old, thus putting her birth after the destruction of the Worldstone. Therefore, this implies that she is one of the 'new generation' and that her powers were influenced in one of the ways above or other."

But that does not explain the male barbarian. He is old, possibly could even be the Barb from D2
He is definitely not Malthael. As I understand, Malthael is more "lost to madness" in a way that is not characteristic of Shen. There are conversations with Shen that liken him to some sort of legendary trickster, which he slyly denies being. But he does seem somewhat suspicious. In my mind, he is the trickster he references, but knows that his actual self doesn't really reflect his representation.

He seems like an unambitious demon to me: a being that has been around for centuries and doesn't know what to do with his life anymore. I definitely want to go back and review some of his dialogue now, though.
It would be neat, in a way, if he was Malthael. Malthael may be "lost to madness", but consider who is giving us that info: angels. Consider from their perspective, if you will, the situation: we have an archangel, going around Pandemonium looking for answers to mysteries of life, effectively abandoning his post up there. They would likely view this as madness. And Shen is a bit weird. And his obsession with stones? Worldstone? Who knows, maybe he's no longer an angel after his travels, but is neither a man. A being that used to be an archangel, but now, is just Shen. Nothing more, nothing less. Unique.

It may very well be nothing, but it's not something to dismiss out of hand. Mind you, sometimes, it's best to just keep us guessing.
If memory serves, Shen does mention being accused of being the trickster god of Xiansia, and doesn't actually deny the claim as being false. Not to mention, there do some to be some similarities between some of the stories he tells of himself, and what relatively little is mentioned of the trickster god of Xiansia.
Well now it is for sure Covetous Shen is The Trickster god Zei, but my gf and i think he and his siblings have separated from Anu long before even Tathamet. So they rly r gods and way much older than any angel or evil.

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