Another AH bug

Bug Report
I just wanted to report that I also had an interesting experience with the Auction House.

I purchased a nice little amulet for my barbarian. There were a ton of the same amulet in the Auction House for about 25k. I clicked "Buy Out" for one and the Auction House loads for about 20 seconds. After the wait an error message comes up "The request has timed out."

I'm not certain if the transaction went through at that time or not, but when I saw "The request has timed out" I decided to try to purchase the same amulet from a different buyer. After an immediate successful purchase, I check the auctions and... there are two amulets!

No big deal for me since I can probably sell it back to someone, but it got me thinking.... what if this happened to me in the real money AH? Someone receives a message telling them that the transaction did not go through (When in fact it did and they are $***.** short now.) Next thing you know, they try it again, and they now are purchasing more than they wanted. I can foresee people getting very.... very.... very.... angry.

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