Removed cookie-cutter builds? PLEASE.

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05/23/2012 07:05 PMPosted by MetaGensis
It's funny how everyone claims the blues post was a "joke" but if a member posts a vulgar comment they're immediately under threat of being banned? Why, I was "joking" too man! HAHA! It's all just a happy !@#$%^- world isn't it?

His post didn't break any rules.
Posted by Metagenesis

Hahahahahaha, sorry but it's rather funny seeing everyone bashing me for stating that D3 lacks customization when right after Hell+ you're always going to be dependent on certain skills.

I'm a 60 Barb trying to go through Act 1 in Inferno, now let me tell you after reading the forums and inspecting every single Barb that joined my game, we all have the exact same builds, albeit a rune change here and there.

We are ALWAYS dependent on Revenge with the + 30% chance rune which EVERYONE has. EVERYONE is going to have groundstomp and everyone uses cleave and furious charge with passives being either brawler or more damage @ full fury. EVERYONE has ignore threat or replace that with WoB with 100% damage and EVERYONE has the blood of kathor or whatever passive to reduce CD. This game is a cookie cutter build (for barbs at least) to the !@#$ing core and whoever denies, pft please, this is a fact not an opinion.
this barb solo'd inferno with frenzy
when are you going to refund me the time i spent reading your useless post about cleave being cookie cutter

When he stops resorting to crying and complaining because hes too incapable to learn how to play the game that isn't even meant for his skill/audience. Not to sound elitist, but Inferno isn't for everyone, just like being a doctor isn't for everyone. Maybe he should accept this.
how do you get by with dps passives? all tank passives required! using cleave(+damage), overpower (8% heal/hit), leap (400% armor on landing), revenge(30% proc rate), warcry(+10% max hp) and ignore pain (+2s duration). passives are nerves of steel, tough as nails, and superstition.

Your cookie cutter build example isn't even very good. reduced cooldown on WoTB isn't a requirement, and trying to inferno with dps passives isn't going to work. Also I don't understand why anyone gets stuns; they stun champions for around half a second on a 10-12 second cooldown so they're really not worth it.

Currently farming act 1 inferno; never have to skip affixes* and it takes between 30 minutes and an hour for a jailer/butcher run depending on spawns and dungeon randomness.

*i do have to run away and wait for ignore pain on tougher affixes
Wanna feedback? ok

Farming Inferno with this build:!bYX!ZZaZab

Also some points:

- Two hander with a high dps possible (sword for the passive)
- all items with str and vit + hp regen + fire resistances (mortar, fire chains)
- move move move MOVE, don't stay in place, hit run all the time, when you get fury use seismic slam.
- Pack of enemies? why hope for a revenge proc and cleave needs you to face enemies, totally !@#$. Use furious charge with the reset rune, best barbarian move EVER.
- Have leap and furious charge for mobility, this game is not supossed for you to sustain all damage at once or even stay in place dpsing. Furious charge removes jailer root and leap for wallers.
- Hit when possible don't overdo it, the less contact with monsters the better, that's why you have seismic slam.
- Why 2 hander? if get 2~3 shotted is very common, the best defense is attack. The minimal opportunities you have to hit, you have to hit HARDER. Thats why I have battle rage, and offensive bash. Cleave is useless because you have to avoid be in melee with packs and frenzy need too much uptime on enemy.
- Have I mentioned furious charge? hit harder, on packs gives mobility (CD resets every time).
- I thought that revenge was a must, but it's %^-* because barbs don't have dodge, so you going to get hit every time and revenge have a GCD of 1s, it's suficient for you to die by a pack. If revenge hits many monsters that heals you for full hp, also the range is garbage.
- Don't fear to kite, you can't be in melee all the time. Be patience your hp is regenerating, you have leap and furious charge, use it well.

Obs: I refuse to sword and board. You don't have to tank, you have to sustain occasional damage wise and damage properly high when you have the chance.

I like this post, so I quoted the whole thing.

Bash, be sure to have the devs "look into" every skill in this build would you? Clearly it's OP. :P
Worst community management / release I've seen to date for a big company like this, and the community manager has jokes. DUDES GOT JOKES, what a shock.

Whole damn thing is a joke. Glad he's got em.
Thanks for the heads up, looking at Revenge.

Barbarians, please direct feedback to MetaGensis.

I hope by "looking at Revenge" he doesn't mean nerf.

That's arguably the only ability allowing most barbs to survive half decently in Inferno.

So barb has a skill allowing them to survive inferno and its ok and blizzard should not touch it.

But the Demon Hunter and Wizard do and they both get nerfed to hell?
I'll post this again.

Don't listen to OP.
05/23/2012 06:55 PMPosted by melonbread
did blue accounts get hacked or is this real?

It's a real reply made sarcastically if that was lost on you - telling the OP that they are looking into revenge because the OP made it sound imbalanced. It's a rage-inducing reply basically.

I knew revenge would be the first barb nerf.
I disagree with the OP. The only people who follow the cookie cutter builds are those who lack understanding on figuring out how to truly play their character for themselves.

They relay heavily on what other people say is the "right" or "easy" way of playing a said class. I myself never follow these types of guides, i figure out what best works for me or what works but has a more challenging style to it over another option.

There will always be builds regardless of what Blizzard does. As long as their are options the player can choose from there is always going to be people out there theorycrafting the "best" or "easy" skill setup possible.
I freaking love Bashiok. Hahahahaha.
bashiok, please dont listen to the complainers
i know they are an army, i know its difficult
but i love the subtle sarcasm you accompany your news of updates with
and like i posted before, inferno isnt too hard EDIT its hard as balls, but its not TOO hard, its not impossible END EDIT
some insane asian man solo'd it, with a build that doesnt replicate what op was claiming to be cookie cutter

someone must battle this legion of trolls bashiok, and youre doing great so far
dont let me down
Too arrogant to see flaws in your game.

So sad.

We are actually looking at Revenge, but I was ... attempting to be funny. I apologize. I realize it's serious business, but I'm trying not to allow my soul to be crushed by exclamations that Legendary items and class balance are the end of the world and will never be fixed and the game is simply the worst thing ever excreted by humans. I humbly recommend a healthy dose of chillaxification, but I understand some people take that as an act of dismissal.

My brother would love that.

05/23/2012 07:25 PMPosted by Dalestra
The game is still very young, and it's an amazing game (as most will agree.) But there does have to be some changes in the way classes play out. We were promised various viable builds for customization, but it seems like everyone is following 1 person's build just so they can survive past Act 2 Inferno.

Absolutely! That's the problem exactly. These outlying OP skills need to be handled before we can pinpoint any content adjustments we need to make for the difficulty to feel a bit better, fight the need to kite everything which is killing melee's souls, address items, like, we understand and are working on all of these things. We're going to be working on and supporting this game for years to come, two weeks out, sure it's probably going to need some sanding. Bear with us. We love you.
what they should have done was the runes also lvl up as you lvl up.. so that the low lvl (lvl 10) rune unlocks are not useless when your lvl 60

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