at work, test build for inferno anyone?

Well, I am just trying to help come up with a temporary resolution to the uproar caused by the wicked nerf to the monk. I have been tinkering around with a build for a bit, its based around total control with stun/knockback/immunity by using different skills over a period of time, just wanted to know what everyone thought...just trying to help


as for the passives, i think the first two are a lock, and in all honesty, it seems to be fairly easy to get items with +all res on them, so i didnt want to waste the last passive slot with One With All....

-Instead, for the last Passive slot, I was debating between Resolve, Seize the Initiative, or Beacon of Ytar....any thoughts or insight on that?
skill alone won't get you past inferno act need proper inferno gear and useful teammate in order to clear.that doesn't include not dying and enjoying inferno.IMO your build work just fine.
well yea I know the gear plays into it...but I feel as if this build would be very viable for solo AND group play because of the lock down potential, but of course, gear obviously plays a massive role...

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