Open Letter to Chris Metzen

Lore and Story
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I can't vouge for other Blizzard games because the Diablo series is the only one I've played, but I thought the lore behind D3 was fine. A little predictable but IMO it fit very well. Credit where credit is due; I think one of the best lore additions for D3 was giving the Dark Wanderer a name (Aidan) and making him Leoric's son. I think that move was absolutely perfect. It gave purpose to the hero of Diablo 1, which I've played my whole life. It also set up Leah and Adria perfectly for D3.

My critique would be presentation, not lore. Diablo 1 had the best presentation in my opinion. You see a body on the ground and he tells an ominous story about a demon called the Butcher. Suddenly, I have an eerie feeling knowing that I'm about to encounter something horrible. Or with fighting Diablo. Cain sets you up and tells you about him, you go down to the last level, the load screen shows a creepy silhouette of a demonic figure, and once the level loads, you go in knowing full well that the big man himself is just waiting for you to find him. In D3, you're going step by step along the missions and then All of a sudden, "fight the butcher!" Ok, random.

The first Diablo was by far the darkest and most eerie. Maybe even most graphic. I usually had to play with the lights on, especially In the catacombs. D2 wasn't dark hardly at all and D3 was a step in the right direction but still didn't deliver on that front. The Diablo series would be doing the right thing to bring back the D1 feelings of creepy, ominous, eerie gameplay.

Overall I give the lore of D3 a 9.5/10 and D3 as a whole 9/10
I play for the story too.

Chris, buddy. You need to learn another song.

Anyway this isn't even my point. I could be even more disappointed, or not disappointed at all. I'm not signing it because Chris Metzen shouldn't leave his job as Blizzard's story mastermind.

Most people are disappointed because SC and Diablo don't feel quite like SC ad Diablo anymore. What do you think will happen when this completely intuitive guy who invented both worlds goes away?

He didn't invent neither SC nor Diablo. Check your sources, sir.
09/18/2012 01:05 PMPosted by WhiteZombie
He didn't invent neither SC nor Diablo. Check your sources, sir.

Do enlighten me.

09/16/2012 08:36 PMPosted by Deak2112
The first Diablo was by far the darkest and most eerie. Maybe even most graphic. I usually had to play with the lights on, especially In the catacombs

Agreed. Catacombs and its music scares me to this day. But one thing that really made Diablo I so horrifying was the walk speed. Added suspense, built tension. It wasn't as trustworthy as Diablo II and III's walk, it could have you killed. Dying in Diablo I always made my heart jump, I don't know why, and if you died too close to an overwhelming mod, sometimes this meant you lost your gear forever.

I think people had been missing atmosphere much more than they're actually missing lore. There is much more lore now than when Diablo I and SC I were launched.

I think people had been missing atmosphere much more than they're actually missing lore. There is much more lore now than when Diablo I and SC I were launched.

I agree. I think this is due to the 2D to 3D feature. A good part of 2D ambiance is lost by 3D, because of 3D polygons limitations maybe, but if you look at 3D engine of D3 it doesn't appear (so nice 3D there). Maybe it is the way of the games are going on, less mature, more immature, more like "fast food" way.

Your story is bad and you should feel bad.

Story line was !@#$ and im disappointed. nuff said

d3 besides having an obvious story has all its settings derived from d2 -- act 1: rogue encampment, act 2: lut gholein (how the heck did asheara end up as the king's guard? from the jungles of kurast to the desert doesn't make sense), act 3: harrogath, act 4: sort of pandemonium only that we just get to see heaven instead of hell.

and sexy diablo due to him possessing leah's body is just so laughable. how the heck are players to take diablo seriously unless...he'd rather be called diabla.

plus the poorly conceived yeah a hero already destroyed their soulstones buuut we cant really kill them sooo theres that
Help me because i simply can't understand the purpose of this kind of threads. Although i don't like the story either do you really think creating this kind of threads, open letters, votes, etc. will really change anything?
Lets face it. The story was meant for the kids. A nice pulpy story that can entertain as long as you don't try to think about it. Because it hurts when you do.

It was a good marketing decision. Gameplay for gamers who dont care about the story, story for the kids who are a legion. Killing two birds with one stone - think about all the income!

But did you care for the kind of us who praised the setting, the atmosphere?
Was it too hard to make the story both appelaing for the kids and at least consistent, let alone convincing for a grown-up?
Do you just not care, or don't you know any better?

This is what is happening to whole gaming industry as a whole.

Look at bioware, superb story telling, until EA comes along and see what happened to Mass Effect 3, dragon age 2, and swtor.

Look at dead space, from a horror shooter to shooter.

Look at CoD after Activision assumed direct control.

See all the games we complain about stories? It all happened after Blizzard became Activision Blizzard. Blizzard now have to answer to shareholder, and shareholder only look at sales number, they are not gamer themselves.

Unfortunately, sales also mean big blockbuster moment, so company starts hiring writers from Hollywood, not just Hollywood's, but dropouts. See how bad the Hollywood now? Now imaging all those disqualified from there comes to game industry and work.

Results in D3, villain where masses are attuned to in big screen: immature, insecure, foolish, resort to childish taunting instead of real evil.
The OP is a man (or woman) after my own heart.

I've felt this way for a long time now. I grew up playing Blizzard games. Starcraft, Diablo, Brood War, Diablo II, Lord of Destruction and yes even Warcraft III all left impressions on me. I took something away from each one, whether it was a quote, an image or just the memory of one of the characters.

Like most of the fans, I was hyped for Starcraft II and Diablo III. But that hype was met with disappointment.

All I will say is this: in 1999 my father took me to see The Phantom Menace. I was a child at the time, and I didn't really know much about Star Wars, but I remember how excited he was. I remember him recounting his love for the original series. I also remember the look on his face when the movie was over. He wasn't crushed, or distraught... just a bit sad. He wanted it to be another great Star Wars film. And it wasn't.

I never thought I'd fully understand how he felt watching something he enjoyed so much get ruined, but I do now.

Please read this, Chris Metzen.

This entire thread is incredibly rude.
ITT: Whiny kids complain about writing for a hack n' slash. This thread makes me sick.

Edit: I hope we get to throttle that evil !@#$% Adria for killing her daughter. I mean, seriously, that is "complete monster" territory, that is.

Whatever is done is done, there's no changing of what it is now..
Blizzard, please consider the players feedback regarding the story, the eerie atmosphere that changed the lives of so many.
Diablo 3 will be awesome in the future! I still have faith!

PS. make the atmosphere darker and include a more mature story

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