Viable inferno builds

Demon Hunter
I am currently playing a demon hunter progressing through inferno mode. I can clear act 1 fairly easily and am currently in the middle of act 2. I just got to the part where I have to save leah's mother. From what I have seen there are two builds that people suggest using for inferno mode gear wise. Either build enough survivability to take a hit or two or go all out damage and kill th enemies before they have a chance to kill you. Which build do you use for farming/clearing inferno mode?
I've been using this build lately. I used to run Entangling Shot with 4 Chain rune and Elemental Frost Arrow instead I found this has a higher damage output but without the slow its a little more difficult to kite things than before. I use this for Solo mostly but I have used this with in a group of 2 and doesn't seem to do so bad.!aeT!YcZbbc

Other people should post their Inferno Solo builds so that we have a page to refer to when someone wants to try something new.

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