AH issues....getting beyond a joke now

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i got my $hit after 13 hours. as well as 3 random chest pieces that i know i didnt buy, or even search
that there lies the problem.. 4 million using the same AH.. until they break this into realms like wow.. they will never solve the lag problem.

Bad design .. bad implementation

eBay seems to do it OK. Maybe they should partnered up with eBay instead of reinventing the wheel!
same issues..
disappointment @ blizzard
eff you see kay !

Logged on today and the 5 items I bought last night still hadn't come through despite taking my 300,000 gold.

Also, any record of my AH activity has been erased from the "Completed tab".

Fix it Blizzard.
Pretty sad... How did this !@#$ get released.
not to mention the commodity AH has been beyond broken for the past... 3 to 4 days? 0 explanation has been given besides "making it work better".. Cmon!
Evidently the AH didn't undergo any beta testing.. to say that this is irritating is barely scratching the surface of it. :P
4 million users.. x 10 items each (currently).. that is 40 million objects at any given time (estimate).. EBAY does not have 40 million auctions going.. and even if they did.. it's not all on one server.

you can only see 49 pages .. so you see approx 500 at any given time.. 40 million /500
that isn't even a dot on the paper. and you wonder why it times out.
I've got my items...

It was soooooooo bad I had to wait a WHOLE day because the server was overloaded.
So I purchased an item via the auction house, but I didn't get a reply, just a message about "time out" and "this item is no longer available" or something like that. When I checked my gold I noticed that I'm missing something around 100k and there is no item in the "completed" tab. How can I get my gold back? This really sucks.
shin this pit and bump fer teh lulz
These issues need to be acknowledged. How is Blizzard going to convince people to use the RMAH if they won't take accountability for the gold AH?

I know I won't be using it until there are some guarantees from Blizzard that it works and that they will refund my money if they screw up.
I used the buyout function on 4 items yesterday (27/5/12 GMT +11), everything seemed fine until I went to the completed tab. I can see the purchases in my history log, but they never arrived.

Has anyone raised a support ticket?
Yesterday I sold an item for 600k, it showed as 'completed' on the log, but the gold never arrived.

Today the AH went down for maintenance, and when it came back, the gold wasn't there either and the log for the auction dissapeared from the completed tab.
My stash is filled with items I want to sell now, but can't since the AH is broken. :/
Just add this on the long as list of disappointments and fail that this game is.
I need help i bought an item in AH it took my gold but the item never showed up in my item list is there anyway that this could be fixed?

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