Trying to install D3 to a NON-default folder.

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I run a small (60GB) solid state drive for my OS, with personal files and games and what not saved and installed to a separate 1TB drive. However, when I try to change the installation path during install I keep getting an error saying "The folder you selected cannot be used. Please select a different folder." First time I have ever seen a problem like this when trying to install to my secondary drive.

So has anyone else been able to install to a location OTHER than the default file path? Is anyone else having this same problem? I've tried all the normal things, rebooting the computer, right-click the setup and run as admin, verify permissions on the other drives, etc. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
Run the install then just move the files to where you want. Worked for me.
I have the same setup (C: is my SSD, D: is my storage drive) and I was able to install on D: without any issues. I think you may need to fix your file permissions/run in admin mode/make a symbolic link
I've got a similar situation as you with hard drives, but had no problem installing to my second drive. I did technically use the same folder though, as my install went to D:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III.

As far as steps go, the installation defaulted to C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III. I clicked to change it, selected the D drive, highlighted Program Files (x86), and clicked OK. The Diablo III folder was added automatically, and the install worked as expected.
Suliman, not enough room on the C: drive to install there.

Kenshin, as mentioned in OP I've tried all that already to no avail.

K2theman, yeah, I did the same for both my A: and B: drive with no success.

Looks like this is a unique issue for me though, so I'll work it as such. Thanks for the feedback!
Success! How incredibly odd though... I moved around the letter allocations on my drives and made my B:\ drive the D:\ drive instead. mapping the install to there worked perfectly fine using the same procedures that produced an error when trying to map the to A:\ drive or to this exact same drive when it was labeled as B:\

Ah well. Looks like this particular problem is solved now! Thanks again for the input guys!
Okay, I'm having this issue too. I wanted to move D3 from my small OS drive to my 2nd drive, so I uninstalled it, downloaded it again and it doesn't even ask where the destination folder is before it starts downloading. Anyone know how to get it to install elsewhere? The information I see here so far is lacking.

Thanks in advance.
Ah, nevermind, I found it. It's located just above the obligatory agreement notice you have to agree to before installing, in the upper left corner.
the A and B drives used to be for floppy dirves only. I wonder if the code thinks you are installing to a floppy

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