how to change back my language setting

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i've downloaded zhTW version, and have already tried it on the server.
then about an hour ago, i changed the language setting to english, and diablo3 trying to download the english version pack. and it's really slow!!!!!
is there any way that i can change my language setting back when i can't play??
can any one help me?
I have the same problem. Changed the language to English because i thought it might help me to learn but now the game wants to download like 2 GB and my internet connection sucks, so it will take forever. ;_;
Is there an ini file somewhere where I could change it back?
Here's how to stop downloading on Windows if you have already started:

1. Close your Diablo 3 downloader.

2. Find "agent.db" file under:
Windows 7 users: C:\ProgramData\\Agent\
Windows XP users: C:\Document and settings\All Users\Application Data\\Agent\
Please note this is a hidden folder. Or alternatively, you can do a file search for "agent.db".

3. Open agent.db file with text editing tools such as Notepad.

4. Do a search for "selected_locale", change it to the way it was. For example, to change it back to English, put: "selected_locale" : "enUS"

5. Save your changes. Reopen Diablo 3 and have fun!

============= EDIT ==============

Bliz patched it, so this won't work any more. To change it back to English, you now need to:

Delete both "" and "Blizzard Entertainment" folders, under "C:\ProgramData".

Hope this helps.
Thanks man (:
u saved me from sanity...
thanks a lot, and i found that batch16 has something simliar
Thank you, soap. :-)
How can I change language back to english ? There is no such options.
i luv u soap, u saved me 24hrs dwnloading extra data. i was jus curious n changed d language, end up need to dwnload abt 2 to 2.5GB n cant cancel. thanks for ur info n switch it back to english version.
Hey soap, it work but when I try to launch it said "An unexpected error occurred while updating required files. Please try again." Any idea why?
hi,thanks for the solution, but why i can not find "selected_locate" in the agent file?

please help
Please note the location of the "agent.db" file. It is NOT under where you installed the game.

Also, deleting the file instead of searching and replacing the content works as well.
really useful, thanks mate
Thank yoU!
But my downloader just turn back to english, and resume the download again... and still have remaining. is there a way i can avoid the redownload?
i think there is another agent.blizzard running in the background. ress ctlr+alt+del to end the process. This should fix it...
Thanks Man that really help me a lot , really thanks
ITS IN PROGRAM DATA NOT IN PROGRAM FILES! got confused too! but i've fixed it already! thanks mate! cheers to you! save my balls man! no h0m0 intended!
it have error ! they write "failed to read a required file"

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