Suggestion: Change the Page and Gem Colors

Items and Crafting
I love the game so far, but I didn't see a "Suggestion" forum; just support. Since my feedback is around items, I'll put it here. I'd find it incredibly useful if both pages (like Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting) as well as gems could be a color other than white. They're incredibly hard to distinguish from the 20ish white items that could be on the screen at any given time, and I feel like I'm missing picking them up if I don't take a long time to stop and read the name of everything that drops.

Given that the philosophy of the game is "go out and kill stuff" I don't think making those, more important items, harder to distinguish serves a purpose. You went through the trouble of telling the story on the move (with the green lore books) but I have to stop and read item names to make sure I'm not missing gems and pages. I don't know how coding that sort of thing works, but that would be an amazing quality of life improvement for me. Thanks for reading.
It's probably not that hard to implement.

I agree with this suggestion. I'm not to that point in the game yet, but I am to the point where I am completely ignoring whites.
Yes, please make gems, pages, quest items, health potions, etc. their own colors to distinguish them from white gear.
Hi, my jewelcraft pages are not working. i can't get bigger jewels..what can i do??

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