how do i beat Belial?

I'm about level 24 is that high enough to beat Belial?

I'm playing solo with a follower ....
Should be able to, depending on stats and skill build
Put up your stats.
Green circles telegraph his attacks.

Green circles bad, rawwwwwr!
Beating any of the bosses really comes down to having enough hitpoints to survive some of the near impossible to avoid attacks they may perform, and skill. The lower your dps, the longer the fight takes, but can still be done if you can survive the abilities they dish out and are skilled enough to dodge what can be dodged.
Hydra to whittle him down while you dodge, Diamond Skin if you get put in a bad spot with the ground explosions, Ice beam thingy to nuke the piss outta him when you can.
Pretty much none of Belial's attacks are impossible to avoid, the most difficult being his breath that sweeps from one side to the other. Just run Diamond Skin and use it when you think you won't be able to avoid something, and throw a Hydra down to dps him constantly.
Keep hydra up, run around using meteor or blizzard on him, don't stop moving... usually results in your face being smashed as those green circles don't accurately depict how big his attacks are and you need to be a fair distance away to avoid his fists.

Mirror image can help against his fists but they won't help against his projectiles and breath attacks so I'd skip that for this fight.
Make sure you attempt him during non-peak hours. Latency will get you killed.

If you have good latency you can shoot some arcane orbs while dodging. If you don't have good latency, just drop hydra and run around.
I used hydra, and ran around a bunch. frost nova to freeze him evernow and then.
Ice armor will also freeze him if he does get a hit in. lastly i used arcane orb and magic missle with their respective damage runes so when i did have a moment to stop running i blasted him.
I just straight up spammed Disintergrate on him while dodging his abilities. His abilities are easy to predict, it's just a matter of getting to a safe place and going back to do damage when you're safe. Also, you'll want some Vit in case you do take an attack or two, but if you get caught out in a bad spot it doesn't matter how much health you have, you're gonna die, so dodge dodge dodge!

The key is to think about is as a survival fight, not a damage fight - your aim is to avoid his attacks first, and only then do damage.
Teleport and Diamond Skin. Teleport to GTFO of the green circles, DS for when you can't. Otherwise I just kept up the Hydra and spammed Arcane Twisters into his arms when they were on the ground.
Died the first time figuring out his stuff, didn't get hit once the second time. As people have said he telegraphs his attacks with the green circles (just keep running during the phase where he puts out multiples). The breath might be 'unavoidable' if you're in a bad spot, I wasn't (stayed mostly center to right of him the entire time).
This is kind of a lame strategy since you realistically don't have to actively do any damage, but it works. Take hydra, Arcane orb with Arcane orbit, and familiar. Put down hydra, put up arcane orb and run around the interior edge next to belial. Arcane orbs will explode and just refresh when they run out. You basically just keep moving and you won't die. In between attacks, shoot him with whatever you feel like.

I tried the twister strategy as well, takes too long in my opinion.
Same way you beat pretty much everything, Don't stand in the glowy things, shoot him when hes not attacking.
Just keep a few things in mind:

1. Don't stand in the green circles

2. Use Diamond Skin to absorb a hit if you can't avoid it.

3. Use Teleport to move to an area without green circles

4. Use Potions / Health Globes.

Just keep moving, don't get greedy, and it's not too bad. It's going to be infinitely worse in Hell/Inferno though, unless the Energy Armor rune that caps damage at 35% per hit works.
Good tips... I will try and use them. Thanks.
he isn't that hard. first time in I just dogded and hit.

suprsingly got full 4k hp instakilled by azmodan twice. still dunno why.
my wizard is also 24 and i probably tried 50 times to kill belial and couldnt do it, tried every combination of skills, runes, and attacks still get owned in P3 if i even get there.
I've found that the fight is incredibly focussed on latency. At 300ms, you're no longer able to dodge the majority of his attacks.

I used this build:!aZ!ZaaZ

Also, my wizard has quite a number of +life orb items. I'd drop a hydra, run around and in the break cast the tornadoes. I found they tend to bounce around the boss quite nicely. Whenever I get low, I'd just run in and pick up a few orbs

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