Damage Bug - Demon Hunter

Bug Report
Once I reached Hell difficulty I began noticing that my damage would drop almost 1.5k to 2000 as soon as I engage a mob. After the fight, the damage counter will slowly rise back to 3500. I have been unable to find anything pertaining to this or a discussion on it anywhere...is this a built in feature? Is there a passive skill, item, or active skill that has the effect of eliminating 1/3 of a hero's damage when they are fighting?

I simply don't understand =(

Also, this is not just a numerical error that shows up in my inventory and does not affect actual gameplay. There is a significant drop in damage dealt to mobs.
I would also like an answer to this. My damage dropped from almost 16k to just under 14k.

However, it is not just linked to mobs or attacking. It doesn't want to go back up, I've restarted the client and everything.

I'm also very sure I didn't swap equipment and I wasn't hacked or anything of the sort. I just 'lost' damage.

In inferno, 3k damage makes a difference, so just want to know :/
@ RaiN: It's the passive where you gain 3%-critchance every second you don't crit. If you wait long enough, the damage goes up, cus the critcance of your next atack is 100%.

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