Need BUILD help progressing into HELL

Demon Hunter
Hey guys, there seems to be a lot of disparity in terms of what is the best build... I am progressing into hell and need some help tweaking my build:!bce!aaYZba

As far as a hatred generator, i don't like bola shot. I like the slow because when soloing or with friends i always seem to be kiting and doing this without the slow seems crazy.

For my right click i like rapid fire for those single target situations, though I read that this skill is bad?? Help me out.

I like shadow power with the damage reduction for when i get low between pulls so i can just rapid fire the health back up.

I don't know if I could play without vault and the rune could be switched to any I suppose as long as I keep the ability.

I've been using fan of knives because the damage is so damn high and the slow is really nice when creeps get too close. This one could be changed.

I feel like multishot is great for when i am grouping. Also the fact that it goes through walls etc is really nice. I havent really gotten used to chakrams or grenades so IDK what is better for AOE, just looking for some input!

Thanks in advance and please keep the trolling to a minimum.

Personally i felt elemental arrow with frost was pretty great for bursting down mobs.
Using it justifies cull of the weak even more.
Rain of venge with stampede was a FANTASTIC way of keeping mobs in one place and aoeing down large packs for free! I was playing with chakrams for a bit but i found i liked elemental arrow alot more. Smokescreen is OP use it!(before it gets nerfed)

Most importantly keep upgrading your items. Hell onwards the game gets VERY item dependant. You can be a glass cannon for alot of hell but vitality, affixed or gemmed can help alot of fights.

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