Is anybody really enjoying themselves?

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I am. Fun alone, with friend, in public games.

I just got to act 3, so I havent seen it all yet. I am trying to advance each class equally.
Yes I'm having a blast.
Not a single player game. NEXT!
05/20/2012 03:00 PMPosted by TheEmsleyan
Not a single player game. NEXT!

Diablo 1 and 2 would like to have a word with you.
I am, this game is great! And personally I don't have that much lag, so I don't know what everybody is flipping out about.
I love this game. Worth the wait!
05/20/2012 02:51 PMPosted by NimeriC
Enjoying myself as well. If you are lagging that bad, get a real connection

Because everyone has loads of money to burn, and has control over how much bandwidth each person on the network is using up.
05/20/2012 02:22 PMPosted by Tujag
I love how my single player game lags.

Me too. I didn't think that was possible since we had 7.66GB on our hard drives. I so look forward to cloud gaming.
05/20/2012 02:38 PMPosted by AzerFox

why would you make a hardcore character with all the bugs and latency this game has currently?

Maybe because not everyone is experiencing these issues. So far my latency is fine and have only hand a couple of lag spikes. Most of my friends are reporting the same.

Not suggesting that there aren't issues just that not everyone is affected by them.
10 fps due to the fact im playing on a shatty mac (Blizzard said they are working on optimizing) and im still having a pretty good time with a game that isnt really ready. Its only gonna get better. Especially after all you whiners are off the servers and serious Diablo fans are left to have fun
The lag is annoying, but it's the same way with D2 so it's not entirely unexpected.

Unless you're in CA with all of the servers, you're never going to get below a 200+ ping.
I've had some terribly minor latency issues in single player, nothing that keeps me from really enjoying myself. I have to said I had forgotten how awesome it was to play Diablo with my friends and get some funny party anecdotes such as that time where I leaped and charged half a !@#$%^- level to keep attention away from our dying wizard, bloody good times I say.
05/20/2012 03:01 PMPosted by Zleth
Not a single player game. NEXT!

Diablo 1 and 2 would like to have a word with you.

That's funny, because I thought we were playing Diablo 3.

What you are trying to say is "single player" is essentially akin to playing a D2 character alone.

The concept of "single player" from D1/2 does not exist in this game. In fact, nowhere in D3 is there a reference to something being "single player." People trying to invoke this are making an erroneous and invalid argument.
05/20/2012 02:41 PMPosted by Sagramore

why would you make a hardcore character with all the bugs and latency this game has currently?

Because that's part of the fun of Diablo.

Diablo 2 had a lot worse bugs.

Yer fulla, and I gonna laugh like a mutha when your char spontaneously pops like a zit for no reason...
Yeah, i am enjoying myself. I love diablo series. I personally haven't been experiencing that much lag,i have had a couple times where it would peak, and of course servers being down. but think about it. 3 months ago we was yelling and screaming begging Blizzard to give us more then wallpapers. They gave it too us, and just like any game its not smooth when it first comes out. Give it time it will get better, but as for now its def playable and im playing the hells out of it :P
I haven't had a single problem and its been awesome, Yes I am enjoying myself!!
loving the game :) Started Diablo1 way back when most computers were still dial up,disconnects from your service provider were common but that was only a minor detraction from the fun Ive had in all the diablo games
I wouldn't complain about this game if they have QUALITY SERVERS
I love how I wake up early in the morning excited to play and when i log in, is down for maintenace...

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