Having difficulty early on

I have terrible Dps (4.03) and i'm finding it increasingly difficult to continue on, i'm not quite sure if it's meant to be like this but i often find myself kiting elites around for a good 2 minutes trying to kill them in normal, i mean i end up doing it in the end but it just takes forever!
I know I can go to the AH and spend all my gold but it shouldn't come down to that on normal, right?
I have only been equipping wands, is there any other weapons i should use?
This is what I'm going about with skills: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#bcX
Don't restrict your weapon type. Use anything that you can that gives better DPS. Also remember, lower attack speed and more damage per attack will let you do more damage per AP.

Also early on, visit the merchant on the lower ground in new tristram. he usually has a couple +2-4 damage rings which are godly at this point
Just my opinion, but early on, I think Magic Missiles + Frost Nova might serve you better. Also, just go for the best dps 1h weapon you can get.
My damage just went up from 4 to 30, thanks a lot guys :)
Is it more important to have weapon damage or intellect/ damage stats?
Usually the stat comparison will account for intelligence, just pick the one with higher damage. Look up more threads as you get further into the game about choosing 1h+orb or 2H
at your level, weapon dps is far far more important. this holds true pretty much until you get to inferno, where 700dps with 200 int may be better than 900 dps.

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