Best Monk boss-fight build?

Hey all. I'm pretty stoked, I recently beat The Butcher on Inferno solo as my monk. It took me nearly 20 tries to kill him, but I finally managed to pull it off and it feels great.!XdY!aYaaZa

that's the build I used to kill him. I had enchantress as an ally with all the offense spells chosen. I probably should have gotten Beacon of Ytar instead of the dodge passive, but whatever, it helped me to survive his autoattacks at least.

I didn't use this exact build every time I fought him. I tried a couple variants with FoT (Increased dodge chance) and Exploding Palm (Extra 12% damage), but it just seemed like, to me, this build provided the most DPS possible. Keep in mind that I was running very glass cannon-y just so I could beat the enrage timer, so if he hit me once with that big swing he has, or his ram, or if I stood in the fire for just a moment, I was toast.

So yeah. 8000 damage and 23000 vitality. Pretty squishy.

Long story short, what's the best DPS-centric build you guys can think of for bosses?
Killed him on my first try under 2 mins. No biggie.
Killed him under 2 mins first try with this build!XZU!ZbYbac
Under 2 mins first try with this!XZU!ZbabZc
So much passive dps.

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