Where can I buy the original Diablo game?

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I have both the PC and PlayStation versions. The PS one works (on my PS3), but alas, the PC disc has been scratched to buggery and my drive won't even read it. The PS version has a few QoL changes, most notably increased game speed. Means the monsters attack faster, but once you get used to it, you appreciate the increased movement speed very much. Single Player also has access to Nightmare and Hell difficulties, which wasn't the case with the PC version (though there was a workaround: load your toon in a MP game at higher difficulty, then quit and start SP, and it would keep the increased difficulty). Unfortunately, there is one rather annoying bug: on save and reload, unique items are turned into gold. So blues are the only option unless you can complete the game in one sitting without dying. Also, Hell/Hell (the lowest 4 dungeon levels on Hell difficulty) has an experience bug, making it next to impossible to level past the high 30s (max level was 50 in D1).

As for where to get either version: eBay or Amazon are your best bet.
I'm locking this topic because this forum is specifically for Diablo III. Please move any conversation about Diablo or other classic games to the Classic Forums. Thanks guys!
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