The damage number shown on Weapons

Demon Hunter
I'd like to know what affects the damage number shown on the weapon.
For example:
elemental attack, attack speed, etc

But crit chance and crit DMG % and also DEX does not affect the weapon damage.

Let's say I got 2 2h Xbow both with 500dps. One of them has increased 25% crit damage.
When put cursor over both weapons. One shows +10k dps while another shows +15k dps (for example). So it's proven that crit DMG % does not increase the Weapon DPS.

So, what are the factors that does and doesn't increase the weapon DPS.
Nothing increases the weapon tool-tip DPS except +damage gems.

Your DPS on your character sheet is affected by all factors.
Sorry sir you are wrong. +attack speed attributes of a Xbow AND +elemental(poison,fire,lightning,etc) damage, both increases the weapon dps.

DEX,crit chance %, crit DMG % doesn't.
yeah, +weapon speed is reflected in the tooltip damage because +speed on a weapon only effects that specific weapon (not both when DW). It's confusing for newer players, but basically don't search for AS% when looking for weapons on the AH, just sort by DPS and the higher ones will generally have AS% anyway.

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