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Along with a small group of dedicated players, I have decided to start a Diablo 3 "guild". Using the term guild very loosely, but we will have a 100 man Ventrilo server up next Monday with 50 4 man channels for partying.

We're all around 20-28 years old. We are looking for other mature people that aren't annoying on Ventrilo to game with. If this is something you may be interested e-mail me at diablo3guild@live.com or reply to this thread and tell me a little bit about yourself and your build and how often you plan to be playing in the coming months.

    Have a computer that doesn't lag in-game.
    Own a headset.
    Be 18 years or older.
    Have a level 50+ character.
    Don't act retarded on Ventrilo.
    Be open to PvP.
    Be wiling to share loot with those who share loot with you.
    Optional: Donate to keep the Ventrilo server open.
I have no idea how to PM on these forums.
Level 60 DH halfway into Act II inferno, plays at some point everyday
I updated it with an e-mail address instead you guys, apparently it's impossible to PM on here.
Just emailed you sir or ma'am =)
I have gotten a handful of emails, I'm in a party now but I'll reply later tonight.
Hi guys, I just bought a 100 man ventrilo server for you! The information is:

Host Name: Apollo.MaxFrag.net
Port Number: 3954
You may want to consider saving money and improving your audio quality (and reducing your network overhead) by using Dolby Axon.
I got a great rate. Interesting though, researching it now and it seems like a viable replacement program. 50 user max is kinda lame though.
I have sent an e-mail, im also on ventrilo now
Trying to connect now nothing my friends!

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