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Demon Hunter
Hi guys,
So i just wanted to share with you guys the best set-up ive found for
fight agaisnt any bosses, solo or coop.

Active Skills:
1. Hungering Arrow, Devouring Arrow: Simply amazing dmg dealer against 1 mob at a time.
2. Rapid Fire, Fire Support: Again great for fighting only 1 enemy.
3. Smoke Screen, Lingering Fog: Makes you immune to everything, great to dodge attack.
4. Preparation, Backup Plan: Allows you to make at least 4 SS in a row.
5. Marked for Death, Mortal Enemy: A great 12% dmg + makes your RF last longer.
6. Companion, Bat Companion: Combine with MfD, you can have unlimited RF if lucky.

Passive Skills:
1. Archery: Boost damage, cant play without it.
2. Ballistics: Boost RF because of Fire Support.
3. Sharpshooter: Incredible damage once again.

Basicly you just unleash your RF after marking him and calling you bat, use SS if the enemies or any massive attack is comming after you. This never failed me and specially good in coop.
Comment and rate :)
nice set of skills :) ill try tonight!
nice build.

I dont know if this will work on nightmare and inferno, but bola shot with thunderin rune its ridiculously OP for bosses.

with high atk spd, any boss is stunned half of the time, and i only needed to worry about dodging a little when they get out of it, till i can start shootin again.

in cooperatives, i can almost permanently stun diablo; making it literally a 1-click-win. i dont even flynch the mouse.

amf, i think that needs some rework.
Didnt know you could stun bosses... I am 56 , Hell acte 2 and this always worked, not sur you can stun bosses in nightmare and higher.. But if you can then yea bola shot is the next thing ill try
any solo build with rapid fire= bad

coop it can be good but tbh i would still use NT because it pierces
You can stun bosses like any cc but they can resist and the duration tend to be too short and resistance too high to bother after hell difficulty except maybe caltrops. My attack speed is 2.81 per second and I definitely can't keep inferno champs or bosses in stunlock though I could quite easily in hell difficulty.

I don't like this build for various reasons. One, ballistics seem to only work on the damage of the rockets you fire off, not the stream of bullets from rapid fire fire support. If you want a hard hitting rocket ability, cluster arrow hits like a truck once you get used to how to use it and i think its considered a rocket.

More importantly though, you don't have a penetrating aoe (usually people use elemental arrows though i suppose chakrams work.) For that matter, nether tentacles is easily the most damaging ability you have against fatties like Diablo, Azmodan, Belial and the large monsters because they hit multiple times against them. and of coure you don't seem to know about nephalem valor buff given that there's no aoes in your build at all.
I know this is not AoE at all thats the point, bosses are generaly alone or there will be 2-3 mobs from time to time which is rare. As i said this is a Boss build. I normally run with elemental thunder ball or whatever to kill everything in group. After testing on bosses alone, ive found that RF deals alot more dmg than any other secondary atk, the point of Marked for Death and Bat is to keep RF unlimited which can happen agaisnt bosses. When i play quests and stuff i run an entirely different build.
Since i am 56 i dont have nether tentacle yet, but the slow moving thumderballs deal less damage then RF agaisnt a single giant target.
This build doesnt fit at lvl 60 that true lol ive just read about Nephalem Valor buff, heh im only 56 :P
05/28/2012 10:20 AMPosted by Haela
If you want a hard hitting rocket ability, cluster arrow hits like a truck once you get used to how to use it and i think its considered a rocket.


Religious Cluster arrow user here:

Cluster arrow is not considered a rocket by ballistics. It is buffed by grenadier though.


Cluster arrow does have a run which turns the grenades IN to rockets, and THOSE rockets are buffed by ballistics, but the initial explosion is still not considered a rocket in this case, and would still need grenadier to get added damage.
What would be a good set up just to run threw nightmare and hell...... Not so much worried about the boss as i am everthing else...

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