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As many of you know, we recently performed server maintenance late last evening, Australian time. This maintenance was part of our ongoing efforts to provide an enjoyable gameplay experience for all players, and we are continuing to work around the clock to ensure that your time in Sanctuary is fun, engaging, and issue-free.

We’re aware, however, that some players are still encountering latency while playing Diablo III and would like to learn more about Aus/NZ in-game experiences. In some cases, your issues may not be specific to the region, and we’re working our absolute hardest to address these concerns as soon as possible. In other cases, we believe that your issues with in-game latency may have been resolved by recent hotfixes. Because of this, we’d like to know what your play experience has been as of today 3:00 p.m. [Australian EST]. Please provide as much information as you can, including what kind of latency you’re experiencing, how long it’s been occurring, and what steps (if any) have been taken to resolve it.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties outside of latency, then please use the Support site or Support forums for assistance with troubleshooting any problems you may be having downloading, installing, or playing the game.

Thank you so much !
Just to preface I always make sure I have nothing else running on my network that could be chewing bandwidth.

5pm 18/05/12 Logged on and my Latency has doubled from last night.
From launch I have had a mostly steady 200ms today I am sitting at around 400ms at around 5pm
As the day progressed latency slowly dropped off with it hitting a low of 170ms at 3am

1:52pm Sat 19/05/12
Just logged into D3 1352ms, waited 2 minutes latency fluctuated a lot then dropped to 280ms 1 minute later spiked up to 830ms. Given it a few more minutes and it seems to have settled to sitting at 350-400ms, nope just spiked to 800ms again

This is kinda making it hard to play, ever thought of an offline mode :P
Cheres for the heads up, will see if the rubberbanding has been resolved.

Edit: Ok, seems the worst of the rubber banding has been fixed, unfortunaly overall ping is horrid- gone from 200ms prefix to 600+ post fix.
Im around 500-300 no lag so thats good was on 1000 befor, norm it is around 200
Ping has been horrible today - it's just as bad as it was last night before whatever maintenance you did.

Your maintenance did not fix the ping issues for me.

My ISP gives me ~130ms to West Coast USA servers in all other games.

In this game I'm seeing pings at a minimum of 170ish (but usually 250ish) only on American offpeak hours, onpeak it's now ALWAYS 350ms-400ms and worse. The latency meter bar is currently an orange coloured bar, and the bar isn't full (2/3 bars full). This is how it gets soon as all of the USA logs onto the servers. I have already submitted a tracert to your technical team, and it shows no problems at around a 130ms ping - it would seem soon as your servers get my incoming connection they somehow dump a whole lot of latency on top. Servers don't respond properly to long distance connections perhaps? Tell your engineers to fix this mess.

We need local servers actually based in our area - this service is unacceptable.
My ping just went from ~300 - ~500 to ~1250 - ~2500 constant with in the half hour, playing from Perth on US Servers. So, from manageable to unplayable.

Normal browsing seems unaffected.

Edit: Back down to ~300 - ~500, but very spikey.

Edit: Now mostly ~1000 with a few drops to ~450.
unplayable since i logged on a few hours ago. regularly times out creating games, auction house isnt working (not returning any results searching)
Up to and shortly after last nights maintenance I was getting ~270ms (West coast Aus to Americas server) which produced no noticeable lag, however as of today (and as I write this) I've been getting ~490ms with a a noticeable delay (but the delay does seem to vary frequently even if my ping hardly changes).
Unplayable, ping times to US realm increased from 250 - 350ms, to 1200ms rubber banding, lag and disconnects. Also maintenance was not late last evening Australian time, it was 10pm on the East coast and 8pm on the West, so right in the middle of prime time.
Before lasts night maintenance I was getting 200ms since day one, even in the open beta. Now my ping times are 400ms+ . I cant message friends now either.

Whatever you did, change it back lol. Totally unplayable now.
Terrible ping, is a shame for a game where i don't want to play with others, use the AH or talk to battlenet friends that i have to be logged in. I believe Blizzard thinks everyone has perfect net connections and being always online is no big deal, they should come live in Australia lol.

I would love a option to disable online features, except to make sure is not a pirated copy and i could play lag free, would just mean that character could not trade items on AH or whatever.
Since being able to connect, my latency has been good enough to play, around 200-300, since the maintenance last night, sitting at around 500-600 with a 2-3 second delay in actions. Spikes to around 1000 when town portaling etc and sometimes when there are large groups get massive slowdown and lag. Prior to last night maintenance iv gotten up to act 3 with no issues whatsoever. All my friends in aus are experiencing the same lag problems and there sitting around 500-600 now since the maintenance.
Cannot play at all, going from 200-500 ping then randomly jumping up to 1000-2000.
Yesterday it was completely fine and now I may aswell not log in.
rubber banding

ping usually ranges from 180-280 then boom 1000+

but recently its at 300-400 then boom 1000+

I also get disconnected every 20 mins which doesnt help :/ (barb)

But that is being experienced by everyone.

Never have a problem with any other games (swtor, wow, lol, dota,cod etc)

Download speed: 90mbps
Upload: 2mbps

Location: Melbourne
5 km from exchange

Usually get a 180 average ping to the usa
As of today/thismorning, ping hovers around mid 300's and will go significantly higher and stay there randomly (perhaps due to this being NA prime time) Rubberbanding is worse than normal.

As of yesterday and when the servers have been up since launch the best possible ping has been around 250 which is still horrible but only slightly worse than seems possible between AUS and NA. Rubberbanding has always been present

Troubleshooting? I've done pingchecks between other american servers for other services and they have not degraded at all. The standard seems to be 210 ms or so, other services appear to have less packet loss / rubberbanding.

Statistics for other people to compare with themselves;

ISP: Internode
Service:ADSL2+ (Low Latency Profile)
Sync Speeds (2.5km from Interchange) to ISP local server: 18Mbits/s Down 1.6Mbits/s Up

So my ping has been alternating between 240 and about 600 over the last few days. At 240 the game is mostly playable although there are bursts of rubber-banding and such on rare occasions. The worry however is that when the ping jumps to 600 (as it does on an infrequent basis) there is a very real chance of quick ping related death.

Even at 240 ping it feels quite difficult to dodge ranged missiles that you seem to move past and then get hit by.

The real problem is not where I am now (nightmare) but what will happen when Australian players hit Inferno or start seriously running Hardcore. In both of these cases there are simply going to be a large number of deaths due to nothing but latency.

Unfortunately I can't really think of a solution until the day Blizzard decides to bite the bullet and set up some Australian servers.

We love you Blizzard, we pay more for the game, you're going to be doing business in Oz for many years to come. Do the deed, set up Oz servers.

Melbourne CBD at work is 390 Ping Plays ok. Sometimes mid 400s. Pacnet ADSL2

Home Melbourne 180-210 Ping usually. Telstra ADSL2+
Ditto. Runs 200-300ms for a while, then spikes to 1100-1300.
I'm also sitiing on around 400 ping and also keep on been kicked off server every 20 min which is starting to get anoying :/
Gone from average of 300ms to 500+

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