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Pretty sure this thread was just setup to troll Australians. 27 pages at this time and still no progress? Unlikely anything will happen.

What a lot of you aren't picking up either is that even 200-250ms (while good for where we are now), is still lag, and if you were playing anything other than a point and click, it wouldn't be playable at all.

I would have a stab as to say that most of D3 purchases were intended on single player, where there shouldn't be any lag whatsoever.

As long as the Americans are fine though right Blizz?
21/05/12 @ 6pm

ping range 300-700, occasional spikes.

rubberbanding almost constantly.

what i see on screen is vastly different to what is actually happening which is really starting to effect gameplay. now on hell, trying to dodge incoming ranged attacks with my demon hunter - clearly moving away from an incoming missiles which still deal damage after sailing past me by a good meter or two - especially hard against all the mortar champions/rares!!

looking forward to some improvements, thanks for all the hard work XD

edit: same day @ 7pm, 235 ping, still a lot of rubberbanding, just not quite as far.
05/21/2012 01:03 AMPosted by Spec
looking forward to some improvements, thanks for all the hard work XD

how about an aus/nz server?... even quakelive has aus servers. in its current format there is no way i can play any of the challenging levels. my pings are insane. rubber banding all to hell. can i have my money back? where do i go to do this? heh i should record what my game runs like for the lols. pc well above spec (g74sx) in case your wondering

unplayable in every sense of the word. sucks as the beta was great fun and i never noticed any lag. but retail is all shot to hell :(
Ping is usually 200-400, sometimes it hits 1000 and is still playable. The worst part is 1 minute disconnects every 2-5 minutes. Not very playable after the recent hotfix. Fine on release.
Played the beta for a while with 200 sub ms, hitting around 300-380ms now. Not good seeing the orange bar of doom in retail.
Was better for me today then it has been last few days.(4pm-7pm Australia east time)

Steady 400 spiking and rubber banding from time to time.

Not the steady 200 it was in beta, but better then the 700+ it was on the weekend.
It amuses me that it was more stable in beta than when it went live.
If you look at any of the traceroute output. Pretty much all of Australia goes via

This is located in Hong Kong (China - for the geography deficient). You have to come to terms with the fact that Australia is in the middle of nowhere and has a relatively small population to the rest of the world.

My latency jumps from 39ms to 189ms on the single hop between Sydney and Hong Kong.

I would suggest Blizzard do what CCP Games did.

Here is a devblog that is relevant:

Tl;dr - Network Infrastructure improvements via dynamic route improvement. Also by peering higher up in the food chain.

I get around 258ms while playing, in US peak times I get around 400-800ms with yellow or red bars.
Hi all, Just posted a new thread here so if you are affected by high latency then please take a look.
TPG, Brisbane
from 250~700+
I get bad game experience in half of my game time. it's a shame for such a great game.
Can only play at certain times of the day. Playing from South Africa and having MASSIVE latency problems. Ranges from 350m/s to 2500m/s. Please make an offline mode or at least provide us southern hemisphere players a central server. PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!
300 to 1500 ping for me last night...
does Blizzard offer full refund policy for the game if I am not satisify with it?
feel like returning it for a refund...
250-400 normally 800+ when lag spikes.
Unplayable in Nightmare mode as its impossible to dodge 1 hit killers due to seconds of delay...
Hi all, Just posted a new thread here so if you are affected by high latency then please take a look.

Could we please have some update as to what, if anything, is being done aside from 'collecting additional information'? Frustratingly little communication from Blizzard so far on game-breaking lag. It should be pretty obvious by this stage from the responses you've received that this is affecting the majority of AU/NZ players. All we want to know is 1) That you acknowledge the current latency issues are unacceptable for paying customers 2) Whether you intend to give us local servers.
235 is my lowest latency. 453 is pretty much my every day average. I'm on hell difficulty and a Wizard, D3 is absolutely unplayable at this level for me.
Disgusting lag. Give us our own servers already!
Easy fix to this issue... Australian/NZ servers. The fact that Activision and Blizzard neglected these is disgusting. Australia already pays more for our tech goods and games as it is, but this just feels like a giant middlefinger to us at worst and at best it seems like Blizzard/Activision just don't care about our experience.

I am unhappy I have to say that, as my experience with Starcraft 2 was one of the best in regards to online multiplayer.

As with others, I am seriously beginning to wonder if any one at Blizzard actually cares about the gaming experience that I and my fellow countrymen are having.
220-440 latency, but plays like a POS, impossible to dodge the big hits and having to predict where mobs are moving too, gotten worse in the last 2 days.

AU servers or offline mode please.

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