Block communication not working.

Bug Report
I know I know. the tech guys don't want to hear about gold sellers. I blocked this guy 5 times now. I block him and then right click it again and the unblock option isnt there. It's still saying block.

I have reported him for harassment and for spam neither action blocked him.

I repeat I clicked him again IMMEDIATLY after blocking him and he was not blocked. this is not a thing where he made a new toon and came back with a similar name. Although that needs to be fixed too cuz they are coming back with the exact same name a day later.
Agree. The game isn't even a week old and it's already getting flooded by gold spammers. BattleT is a spammer. I have reported him, and even tried to block him and I still see him spamming around. Come on Blizzard. This needs to be fixed.

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