just another solo inferno WD thread

Witch Doctor
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Yea, some soul lasher elites are annoying, due to some affixes but they have pretty low life and can kill them faster than they can kill me. Act 3 isn't bad at all using bears, just going down the spire can be annoying, if you get like teleport teleport phasebeast :3 Act 4 same thing, wasn't too terrible didn't play much of it though since it has boring farming potential, but have completed the game with bears.
holy christ your gear bro... its absolutely nutty. Im assuming you bought 99% of it off the ah with gold u got from selling other stuff youve farmed? im only at 35k dmg and 35k hp getting 1-2 shotted daily in a3 ferno doin siegebreaker (barely) trying desperately to get something worthy of equipping. Ur gear net worth is like 500 mill lol
My costs for my gear is right here, haha
So cheap :P

Belt: 3.2mil
Gloves: 2.5mil
Ring/worthy band:5mil
Neck: 2.2mil
Legs: 2.5mil
Boots: 80k

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