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I was looking through the 'Beastmaster Of Tristram' achievement when I realised that not all of my lore books are ticked... As in the image link below you can see that I have the 'Beast' Lore book open, but it isn't ticked in the achievement's list.

I have found this issue with a number of achievements that I believe I should have finished on the first night, however I am aware that with all the madness that was error37 these problems can occur. The main issue is I can't get that box ticked either with the same character on nightmare difficulty or with a new character on normal.

As an aside/similar note the Merc hiring acheivements I only got after I went back to town and re-hired them... because I took them when they became available in the field it didn't give the achievement. Bug? I'm not sure.
Yes, seems there is certainly issues with achievements.

On the first day I lost a load of them including 'tick boxes' in books, conversations etc.
Then yesterday the 20th May, I seem to lost all or most of them... I mean atm I have defeated The Butcher on Nightmare but not Normal, lol. er I mean *cry*. Also Act II bosses I defeated yesterday have not been recorded now, and probably any dungeons I uncovered, conversations etc etc etc will be gone.

I have been playing the game slowly and looking at the books, conversatoins etc so I can get them all, but now, I am kind of 'deflated'.

I just hope Blizzard can look at these for me, I am even willing to go through myself and list all errors that I can prove, like boss kill NM but no normal etc.

A Blue response would be nice! :)
I am having the same issue with boxes not being checked off even though I have picked up the book and read it. Will ya'll be releasing a patch soon that will fix all of these issues?

A Blue response would be very nice!

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