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07/14/2013 01:56 PMPosted by Soma
07/10/2013 01:13 PMPosted by Mathiasen
Not listed, but I don't suppose game crashes are an exception to the "you die, you die" policy? It's really unfortunate that they can't determine if you legitimately died from error or if you just want to claim you did and get your character rolled back. I would imagine that they CAN rollback your character, but simply WON'T. If they didn't have that policy, they'd get an email every time someone lost a HC character

Nope there is no exceptions. You die ... you die ... even if the whole internet goes down and crashes and causes your death .. you still are perma dead.

They CAN rollback dead HC characters and they DID once.
10/09/2013 12:22 AMPosted by DgtlDiarrhea
Hardcore mode is the only way to play diablo.

false. since you HAVE to beat campaign mode to get hardcore mode.

just sayin'
05/31/2014 05:11 AMPosted by Toenz
IT IS NOT FAIR , IT IS NOT FAIR THAT A LAG KILLED MY CRUSADER! I paused the game when the lag occurred, and it still died after it dissconected me! IT IS NOT FAIR! and all you can tell me it's "suck it up" ?

That's a sorry excuse for customer support, And if you reply by just saying "bad luck, friend" id suck it up because I love the game but the support service is UNFAIR.

not fair? the only thing that makes d3 unfair is that it isnt totally in tradition of d1,hellfire,d2, and LoD in the capacity that they ALL had single player in OFFLINE mode. that is, and will forever be, the only real hangup i have with this game(and subsequently RoS)

would i ever be upset i lost a hc char? no, not really. because that is in the nature of hardcore. will i be upset that i lost a hc character from INTERNET lag in a single player game? yes, yes i will. because EVERYTHING about playing solo is bull with this game since your gameplay is MOST effected by internet lag. and having to compromise your strategy for internet lag means A LOT, and i mean ALOT of standing around with your thumb in places it shouldnt have to be. what kind of action game(even a hardcore one) makes it so that you have to just idle to ensure your characters survival.

so really, what isnt fair isnt what the issue it. its what is most logical isnt being used because somebody, somewhere, is afraid of an attempted hacking to occur. and to that, i must say what a load of BS. since hacking is already happening (used to get 30-40 "friend" requests every time i logged on because gold sellers. which ended with loot 2.0 system(and general RoS patch when loot 2.0 went live)

seriously-- America's Army has punkbuster, and offline mode (no where near as fun as a full game, but that is due to the nature of the game) for quite a few missions and other stuff. the point being that is a program designed for and by the us army, and they use anti cheater software. is it totally 100% effective? well every time ive ever had some autoaimer or no clip mode'r in a game, they would get at most 1 "round"( of a 6 rounds game) before getting banned from the server.

it would be quite a bit different for d3 since the game itself is MAJORLY different. i was talking about a FPS which is highly reliant on different issues then any RPG. and it has way different mechanics and "quests" or lack thereof, as well as utilizing different types of networks (AA uses like up to 32 players per game) for internet play.

while d3 is fun and whatever, one of the reasons d2 lasted so long as a game is the fact that YOU DID NOT HAVE TO PLAY online. hell, there was realm play, open bnet, and single player. you could have soooo many different accounts it was insane. free to make new accounts and they were hella necessary because all the loot you could find(or rather, find a use for) and mule for the appropriate character.

honestly, there are TOO many levels of how redonk it is to have network dependent single player mode. i mean....yeah, there are WORST things then death. but not on hardcore. there is NO coming back from that death. so do i feel cheated because ive lost-- oh --8 hardcore characters too soon? yes i do.do i REALLY feel cheated because each time it was a lag related death? yeah i do, especially since it is common sense to reflect on how you died and to spend time figuring out how to NOT let your next toon die in the same way as the previous ones. YET, i, and many others, hit a brick wall when it comes to how to get around lag deaths. Happens whenever, last however long, and no guarantee either direction that you will make it out of a lag spike alive. since the little green/yellow/red bar indicator takes a few seconds to catch up you could of been running through a highly packed area that looks clear since your lag notification is laggy itself.

so yeah. i tried to play hardcore like i was boss, repeatedly lost toons at way low levels. then i started running all new characters on max torment level up till caverns of aracnaead (or however it is spelled i love adventure mode because i dont have to go to stupid-hard areas like that where critters roll up on you like Peter Dinklage) and then exit game and start on regular mode. then die.

total and utter BULL. i would drop difficulty and STILL die, even rolling 1k dps@ lvl 9.

offline mode for hardcore only, if nothing else. or longer start game load time to keep it from being lousy with lag the whole time by loading more data initially..
or being able to make a PASSWORDED game that has same start game long load time to keep friends or anyone for that matter, from entering games.

i mean, sometimes people piss you off. if you cant keep their annoying little toon out of your game you cant ever come close to being able to IGNORE them, or aggravate them enough to shut them up long enough for you to be able to actually enjoy playing a game.

Just Sayin'
if you lag out (sorry if repeat I rread a lot of posts but didn't see if covered, and say you're surrounded by pets as a wd and only 1 enemy left - in normal mode you log back in and the game is reset. In hardcore is your toon dead? cause at that point your pets can finish the enemy.
Is there any way to take your character from Hardcore mode, and make him be Normal mode, or the reverse? Also, do you get better drops in Hardcore mode?
Hardcores get a separate stash your achievments stay your stash items stay your armor on your toon and every in your bag gets deleted along with your toon. you can delete the hero off the character list. no you cannot loot others fallen heros. yes you can play with other hardcore toons.If you die for any reason you cannot get the character back dont cry on forums. i've lost 4 hc toons 27 40 54 and 60 just suck it up and restart. also dotn try to play with laggy internet you will die eventually trust me....
To all you hardcore players i hope the power goes out in your house, or you have diarrhoea and have to make the choice between dying or crapping your pants. :D
P.S. Hardcore player here :)
This thread needs some serious update...
05/23/2012 09:57 AMPosted by LiquidAsylum
=== Is there a way to quickly exit the game before I die?
No. Unlike Diablo 2 you can not quickly exit the game before that killing blow is dealt. Clicking "exit game" starts a ten second timer after that 10 seconds you will be logged out. The only exception is that there is no log out timer while doing so from the safety of a town.

if only this were true, it can take upwards of 2 minutes for bnet to disconnect your character on a DC or PC crash. :/
Where is the FAQ about characters getting rolled back if !@#$ty servers dc? Just overlooked that one did yas?
If the game freezes and you get dropped from server, and come back dead is there anyway to get your char back?
does a death in hc lead 2 u creating new hero in same class and the hero has less chance 2 find anciants?
just a question. i like my hardcore toon. Can I switch back to softcore at some point?
Can people who play Hardcore play together with people who play Hardcore season?
02/02/2016 06:55 PMPosted by Unknown
If the game freezes and you get dropped from server, and come back dead is there anyway to get your char back?


04/14/2016 03:08 AMPosted by killercooler
does a death in hc lead 2 u creating new hero in same class and the hero has less chance 2 find anciants?


05/03/2016 06:00 AMPosted by jazmane
just a question. i like my hardcore toon. Can I switch back to softcore at some point?

No. The choice is permanent until you die :P

05/04/2016 03:36 PMPosted by SgtBlade
Can people who play Hardcore play together with people who play Hardcore season?

Season can't play with notseason. But at the end of the season all charaters become notseason and can play together.
I googled around and looked in the forums but couldn't find the answer, and I also have not played PTR:

Does dying, with multiple sets in the armory, make you lose all your sets or only the currently active one?

From what I understood, the armory does not actually contain your items, only the locations of them in the stash so it's a fast swap, so you shouldn't lose anything but the equipped items. Is that correct?

Thanks for your time.
05/24/2012 05:23 PMPosted by Skylä
I see on my friends profile pages, there is a hardcore hero hall or section - now when we make a hardcore character & they die & go here, does that have to stay or can we delete that?

I guess what i mean is say I make a hardcore character and by some fluke, I get a dc or bad lag or something & I die at same early level - is this stuck on my profile forever? lol.
after the last season game play, all I have to say is bye bye
good to know screw u guys for crap product why play HC mode if not reliable. love the game deleting account with blizz. gave up on wow and cant get reliability with d3
Hello All!

Been a long time reg player and logged more than my fair share of hours between D3 and the previous titles. Looking to start my first hardcore run for the challenge and fun! I am looking for any pointers and maybe someone to play with? (PS4)

Anything helps!
Started playing WD hardcore first time just yesterday. Will likely make another once this character is in the paragon system.

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