Boj Anglers Bug

Bug Report
The Legendary Boots Boj Anglers i bought from the auction house does not increase my attack speed when i equip them (i play a WD) im pretty sure its a bug because a friend of mine has them also and they increase his attack speed but when he tries to equip mine it does not work for him either
The problem is the 2 different affixes "attack speed increased" and 'increases attack speed". From my small testing and from what i have learned from others only Attack speed increased effects the rate of spell casting. While increases attack speed does nothing for us (I also play a WD). This seriously needs to be addressed before people continue to waste more gold on loot that is not explain properly or appeared to be bugged.

It seems like Attack speed increased is a caster buff and increases attack speed is a melee buff (pure speculation) but this should be much clearly worded as one can not assume the other until its too late.
Its not just melee, its all characters. Like you said, attack speed is inc.... works, no matter melee or ranged, but increases attack speed doesnt work on any class. Same thing on every item class.
I can confirm that. Bought Inna's Glory pants with "Increases Attack Speed by" and they don't work.
This is a known issue as stated in

No ETA was given, but it was said that it will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

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