Error 32015

Technical Support
Hello. i'm getting this error every time i want to put an specific item in the auction house.
Can someone tell me whats the problem ?

It's a Rare chest armor,called : Titan's Claim, hope it will help.
I am getting this as well on one of my rares. It's called Supreme Scar. It has full durability and a gem (shouldn't be a problem). Running other auctions with no issues, just this one item seems to not work for some reason.
I get this error too on a rare chest piece.... :(
Also experiencing this issue with multiple items. Bump for answers.

my wife has the same problem selling one special item. No solution known yet?
Hey, I was getting this error a few minutes ago and I managed to fix it.

All I did was equip the item, die with it on, and then repair. After that, I no longer received the error.

Edit: Sorry, this was for Error 32105, not 32015. It might still work though.
I am also experiencing this error, would like to know whats up with it.
Ive also had this problem with two items. Noticed both of them were the only 2 i've actually won with a bid in the AH and not a buyout. probably just a bug of some sort that wont allow that item back onto the AH.
Yeah I've gotten the error with high end 2h weps... whenever I want to sell.. other stuff works.. not that.
Wow I think I figured it out... I had to put the item that wasn't working in inventory and try to repair... apparently it lost like 1/2 a durability point and needed to be repaired for 1 gold... now it works..
Same here, I'm getting the error on a rare named Black Chasm

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