Not getting achievements.

Bug Report
Earlier today when the servers where up for a few hours I managed to get my hardcore character to level 20, I got the achievement and everything, however because the server had to be taken down or whatever that noise was about I log in and find I no longer have that achievement, yet here I am sitting on my level 20 monk in hardcore mode.

I tried to submit a ticket about this but somehow this is 'non restorable'? What? Because your server maintence team did a bad job I feel like I'm getting punished.

Oh and I also noticed that during that time of playing my hardcore toon (the only reason I made him is because I was unable to get the achievement for finding Shen because god forbid I retain any achievements from the botched release of this game) I'm now also missing the Acquire the jeweler achievement.
Not letting this go.
same thing here, only with the reading achieves from act 1. I now have 2 characters that cannot complete these achievements.
"No More Lies" is missing for me (Belial on Normal Hardcore).

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