Zoltan Kulle the good guy/PC the Villain?

Lore and Story
Kull was not good, you clearly did not pay attention to the story.
Kull went completely mad making the soul stone, and wished to put the souls of angles and demon into his body, can you image the monster he would have become if he had achieved this feat.
Second every person you met in the game says that, he was mad crazy insane evil, his brethren called him a murderer, torturer, monster.
They killed him cut him into pieces and drained his blood, then hid his body in another ream, do you think that they did his for kicks and giggles.
He wanted to become a god and rule over the universe, also I think he will get his hand on the black soul stone and be the next expansion villain.
The fight did not start because he know about act three, the fight started because, it was obvious that he wanted to use the demonic power now in the soul stone to become a dark and possible unstoppable demigod.
Here is why Kull will most likely be the neck villain.
Don't be deceived by his idea .
Although he want to restore the nephalem 's true power and use it to conquer both hell and heaven...for himself .
Now here is the problem , did he state that he will let the nephalem rules hell and heaven ? Or he just said that he may share it with you ?

The high heaven 's council had vote whether they have to destroy humanity or not , i ain't surprise , considering the nephalem is the child of both angel and demon thus possed crazy power , clearly the prime evils will use them to conquer High Heaven . Know this , Imperious 's hatred for the demon and Matheal ( archangel of wisdom ) gone mad because someone stole the Worldstone , it is justified that they will vote to destroy the nephalem .

Now . ask yourself , would you let a super powerful nation occupy your country in the name of peace ? Even if you haven't done anything to them ( or most of you ) .

That 's the case of Kule , he has good idea simply execute it in the wrong way thus the they must get rid of him .

Thing just get more complicate when you check it .
Kulle said that the witch and the angel were using the player for their own ends. We know how Adria was using the player but what hidden agenda did Tyrael have?
The first time i heard Kulle speak he reminded me of Eliphas the Inheritor (same voice actor?).
That now answers your question. He is evil but a badass and he will always come back to be killed again...
09/01/2012 11:37 PMPosted by Lenix
Zoltan Kulle woulda made a better diablo then leah...

Would've been a harder final fight for sure...

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