defensive skills underpowered

I think the defensive cooldowns need a bit of a buff. They compare poorly to the utility of the tactics tree and using elective mode I don't even bother.
Barb is lacking in all kinds of areas. The only thing he's good at is having tons of hp.

He lacks in the healing department. Sure, that's monk's specialty but what are you supposed to do when you get low all the time from meleeing?

Here are healing spells:
Revenge - 5% with 30% chance, or 8% with 15% chance
Fury Charge - 8% with 10 sec cooldown (unlocked at level 60)
Overpower - 8% with 15 sec cd (lvl 60 also)
War Fury - regen
Whirlwind - critical hit heals 1% of max hp.

Barbarian's skill set right now, is not built around him being up close and personal. You have to go back and forth and try to manage the cooldowns. Which, in turn prevents you from buliding up your fury for RMB skills, which aren't even great to begin with.

I don't think the active and passive spells are well thought out. They need to tweak the numbers a bit. It seems to me that they wanted to have variety of skill set builds, so they put random rune bonuses into spells. They should've tested more.
its too early to tell.. there's a ton of different skills and combinations of ways to use them. wait until you unlock them all and play around with them a bit and see where we stand.
Yea there are tons of different skills but they dont go well together.

I don't like the fact that you have to choose whether you want to go offensive or defensive. If you go offensive, you die because you lack defense (duh). If you go defensive, you lack damage and die (wut)

Here are some general idea of builds.

Full on defense armor/damage reduction
Full on offense with Rage and damage increase skills
Full on fury generators with Berserker Rage
Full on life regen/ healing such as overpower, revenge
Half of defense and half of offense therefore lacking in both areas all together. (wut)
Full on crit chance bonus skill set to benefit Whirlwind healing ? (Why is that even there?)
Agree 100%. It really seems difficult to choose what skills to use to be most effective. I tried going all offense, but died too much, so I went defense, and now wizards, monks, dhs, everyone has more damage than me. It's kinda frustrating, because I actually liked the way D2 did skills and attributes, and there were better skills to be had imo.
I think the barbarian healing and defensive abilities are great
I run with this build in hell for everything but bosses and almost never die!egY!ZZbabb
The health globe system is great and fun in normal, but pointless in Hell. You can't even chug potions anymore so where can you get heals from? Your only heal is from getting up close and take damage, which is totally counter intuitive imo.

Seems like they are punishing Barbarians for making mistakes and you have to play mistake-free. If I somehow get low after using Revenge or whatever the healing ability there is, I wanna GTFO there and heal up and re-engage. There is no spell that does that for Barbarian. I have to go back in there and hope to get another proc of Revenge. This whole mechanic based on chances is not fun imo.

I'll summarize:
Blizzard made Barbarian too much of chance based and it's not fun.
I think it'd be nice if there was a rune for Battle Rage to Give it Damage reduction; Kind of a nice way to spend rage to Defend yourself.

And Really, i thought it would have made alot of sense for the barb to have a Self only heal that Costs Rage. Kind of that the barbarian is too Angry to die and just gets a second wind from being so PO'd at the guy's hitting him.

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