Most OP Demon Hunter build - Grenadier

Demon Hunter
Has anyone tried the Grenadier perk with Grenades as primary and Cluster Arrow (Cluster Bomb) as Secondary? The damage output is staggering. Combined with Shadow Form I am almost invulnerable.
I tried this build in inferno when our 3 man group was running into issues. I was disappointed with the build as a whole. Grenades seem to have a lot of issues doing reliable damage in all situations (fall into crags, may bounce of walls etc). Cluster Arrow's damage was pretty high but its damage to hatred cost ratio was so bad that impale or even fire-at-will-multishot seemed to result in a higher dps. Mobs wich were fast, had shielding or other "defensive" mods would also run out of cluster arrow's grenades before they would explode on occasion.

Overall, I'd be interested to see someone use this to great effect in inferno, I was not able to however.

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