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Played a bit in the open beta, and noticed the game was doing this odd camera stuttering. I call it "camera stuttering" because while viewing my FPS, I notice it does not fluctuate, even when this "stutter" occurs. It stays at a constant 60 frames, which leads me to believe the stuttering may not be graphics related. But I didn't worry about it because I was assured that it was just a beta issue and would be fixed by release.

So I was ready to play at midnight when the servers came up (although they were not actually playable for another four hours), and when I was finally able to log in the first thing I noticed was how every 3 sec or so while moving my character, my camera would just pause, as if a frame was trying to "catch up" to the rest.

I figured I would give it a couple days to weather the storm, so to speak, since the launch was a bit problematic and the servers were overloaded. To my great dissapointment, nearly a week later, the camera stutter still persists. I get this on two vastly different computers, no mattter what I change the in-game setting to.

I have been scouring these forums, and the EU forums as well since launch, unable to find any fixes that work for me. Some people claim to have fixed FPS issues, but please don't misunderstand. It is unlikely that this is graphics-related. My FPS is stable at 60 and does not change. It is the camera that stutters, as if its trying to load something.

Here is a list of the things I have tried on both computers...

-Reinstalled Windows (clean install)
-Updated all drivers including chipset, sound and video
-Tried beta drivers
-Tried every possible combination of in-game settings (including changing sound channels)
-Set processor affinity (someone else on these forums said it worked for them)
-Defragged my hard disks
-Ran as admin
-Reinstalled from digital download (originally installed from physical DVD)
-Disabled all non-essential startup items from selective startup
-Powercycled my modem and router
-Ran Memtest86 (came up clean)
-Ran CPU diagnostics (came up clean)
-Disabled Aero

And still, the camera stutter persists.

I hope either Blizzard or someone on the forums is reading this and knows what is going on, because I'm out of ideas and its beyond frustrating. Diablo III appears to be a great game, and I would really like the ability to enjoy the game I've waited so long to play.

My tech specs for both computers are as follows...

CPU: i5@3.4GHz
GPU: Nvidia 460 GTX
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

CPU: Core2Quad Q6600@2.4GHz
GPU: Nvidia 250 GTS
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit

Also, here is a video of exactly what I'm seeing. The video is from the beta, but it is a very accurate representation of what I'm experiencing...

Thanks in advance,
I just visited the Nvidia forums. There are many complaints about Diablo 3 stuttering there as well. An Nvidia Support poster said that it may have something to do with how the game renders and they are trying to get to the bottom of it.

I hope Blizzard is working with the graphics manufacturers to come up with a resolution to this ongoing problem affecting so many players.
Called Blizzard Support on the phone and there was an option for FPS Stuttering and Latency. Thats good news hopefully it means they are looking into it!
Thank you for posting it)))
UPDATE: Still having this problem. In fact, I'm now getting insane amounts of rubberbanding as well. Although, that may be server latency related.
I'm surprised and a bit dissapointed that, with all the threads about this issue, Blizzard has not responded. I hope they are able to fix it soon. I haven't been able to play since lauch. The constant stuttering is really bothersome.
Is this what it looks like for you?

its not slow fps... more like frame skipping, where I am in town... no new assets to load, and just running around town it stutters, exactly like in this video someone else made 6 months ago!

I have a GTX680, 16GB ram, SSD, i7 2600. Its about triple the power of the recommended system is, and yet it plays very poorly.

Interesting that your fps stays constant. Are you using ctrl-r? Mine says 60, but its blurry from changing so rapidly, and even jumps to triple digits every few seconds, even though vsync is on. I have tried everything to get this to work... spent more time troubleshooting than I have playing the actual game.

Also, their frame limiter does not work correctly... if I set it to 60, it locks me at 50. I cant get it to lick to 120 either.

In addition, I have never seen a game tear so much with vsync off. Shat a mess.

their 120hz support is borked and always reverts to 60fps, even though they recognize that I have a 120hz monitor according to the diabloprefs.ini file...

Also... I setup my neighbors PC and its exhibiting the exact same stuttering, on an equally fast system.
Check out the threads about people playing the game from flash drives, ram drives and SD cards.

Seems to be related to how fast the drive is seeking the information. I blamed my video card until I bought a new one, tried new and old drivers, had the same things happen.

Created a 9GB ram disk out of my system memory, moved my diablo installation to the ram drive, instantly loaded into the game and have had no stuttering what so ever since.

Look up my threads or just type in search Imdrive or ramdrive.

It works and you have nothing to lose if your running 12gb or better in ram. If you dont have that much ram, I would suggest checking out the threads that have people doing the same thing only on a 16GB SD / Jump drive.
Sorry for all the typos above... wont let me edit my post. Darn these mobile device keyboards!

Anyways... does anyone else notice their fps monitor "spin" the numbers really rapidly as I am experiencing on 2 PCs? Just curious. Hit ctrl-r, turn on 60hz vsync, and stand still. Does the counter fluctuate really rapidly?
An SSD is far faster than a usb flash drive, or sd card, so that clearly isnt a solution, and what the OP describes sounds identical to what I am experiencing...(camera stuttering is a good description of what it looks like!)

That's not stuttering, it's hiccup. It can be HDD and even Lag. I have i5 2500k (stock speed) and HD6850 video card and when I don't move, it's 105 fps. When moving, it's changing 70-105 rapidly. It doesn't tear much but the smoothest is when I enable Vysnc. I don't have the problem in the video.

Try these:

Keep Vsync on
DisableTrilinearFiltering "1" in Documents\Diablo III\d3prefs.txt
Untick Foreground FPS Limiter.

Here's a big factor about HDD. Diablo3 is installed to my OS partition. My Caviar Black 500 gb is split to 2 partitions, C: is 60GB OS and rest is D:
Since the first partition of any disk is created outside part physically on the disk, it's the fastest part. So my diablo3 installation is on the fastest part of the disk. This makes a big difference as it's 90-100mb/s on outside, 60-80mb/s on middle and 30-50mb/s on the inside.

So if you have 1 big C: drive and your game is installed there after 250gb of data, it'll have poor performance. I believe the actual solution is to have a nonstop steady HDD activity. So even usb 2.0 external drives may help some people if the connection is actually steady. But if it jumps like 40mb/s then 60, 70,20,40, etc, you'll have hiccups.
I also had my game installed on my main C: drive.

I ended up creating a RamDrive which the system reads from memory faster than it reads from the hard drive. It has been a night and day difference for me.

Some people here don't have 10+gb of ram in their system so that option is not available to them.
Saying its not "stutter" but that I should call it a "hiccup" is semantics. I appreciate the suggestion regarding partitions, but I don't even think its reading anything from my (fast, and mostly empty) SSD drive while doing repeated laps in-town, as all assets should already have long-since loaded. I believe this is a client issue in this case, and while various optimizations we as users can perform will help some... they won't help in this case. Besides, are gamers rwally to be expected to run this game on ram drives, because SSD's arent fast enough? Client optimization is needed. Apparently Bliz is looking into some stuttering issues related to rendering, which may help... hopefully!

BTW, to the OP... sorry didn't even notice you posted the same link as I did! Didnt see it, as I am using this tiny ipod screen.
Well, I too have "unsmooth" gameplay, and a crazy fps meter (hovering between 20 and 120 at an insane rate). I hope nvidia guys are working on it, and that blizzard takes it seriously.

I had chopping graphics, it wasn't awful, but it was still not as I should expect. Here's a solution that made it slightly better (but still not as it should be):
Plugged in a flash drive and told windows to use it as an external memory. No idea why it worked, but like I said, it's still not smooth.

My spec
intel i7
8gb ram
nvidia gtx 460m
I was hoping Bliz would mention the technical issues we are experiencing, during their "state of the game" post today... but not a single word. I guess they dont see the fps stuttering issues as a problem.
I posted this in the bug reports section, please visit my thread if you are having the same issue:

It is only for people with CAMERA STUTTERING exactly as the OP described.
Bump... this needs to be addressed. Bliz is lumping this in with the asset loading issue but it is not the same thing.
The "stuttering" happens at times for me as well. It is the "rubber band" effect, actually. I have never seeing it on Warcraft, but I saw it before when I played Aion, for example.

As I said, it doesn't happen all the time, but it should not happen at all!
Ishkam is not talking about "rubber banding" in his original post. This is just a very brief camera stutter. It isnt anything like rubber banding... it has to do with the way frames are being rendered in the client, nothing to do with lag/latency.
Been noticing it past act I, dont know why, has just started after finishing that section. Ill 'leap' into combat, and itll completely miss the action and just land me instantly in the enemies. getting stuttering when walking around as well, annoying as hell.

Running i5 3570k, gtx 560ti 1gb, 8gb ram, and off a hybrid HD.

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