Why should I use monk weapons?

I played through Normal with a Demon Hunter, and really just enjoy everything about this game. For my next character, I rolled a Monk since it's a fantasy archetype I've always been fond of, but so far I'm finding little incentive to actually stick monk weapons. With a demon hunter you had strong incentives to stick ranged weapons, and I just don't see the same incentives present in the monk class. What am I missing?
Monk weapons are the only weapons with monk specific qualities like spirit regen, and life per spirit spent.

Other than that, nothing really. Especially at the lower levels, it's usually just better to use whatever does the most Damage.
What turnip said. There are no real benefits expect for those unique stats and the fact that they're pretty fast attack speed.
Actually there is. Due to great attack speed good stats are:
chance to stun/freeze/etc on hit
attack speed bonuses
heal on hit
critical damage bonus

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