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i'm only lvl 20 and have no clue what type of items I should look for. do gear even matter at my low level? I don't even know what intel or dexterity helps with ?

From a spells stand point I just use whatever doesn't annoy me. Like I hate the teleporting punch. Any advice on what's important would be great help.

you wanna focus on dex and vit. dex will increase your damage (and defense if you use seize the initiative) and vit will give you more hp. strength and int aren't needed for monks. attack speed is a great stat to have since it helps you generate spirit faster. int will increase your resistances but you can get more from gear than trying to raise int(not important till later difficulties). strength will increase your armor but if you use seize the initiative dex will do the same and will be a better stat to get since it increases your damage as well. life on hit is useful but you don't need it at lower levels since you have heals and the passive transcendence will heal you for x per spirit used. rings and amulets that add x-y damage are really good for increasing your damage. use them if you find them.

turn on elective mode. go to options > game play > check the box next to elective mode.
advanced tooltips is pretty useful as well. it's also in the gameplay options.
I can choose my own stats?!?!

should I start a new char since my stats probably screwed up now?
I can choose my own stats?!?!

should I start a new char since my stats probably screwed up now?

I assume you're referring to the elective mode that KodiakDuck mentioned. That doesn't let you choose your stats when you level. It just allows more flexibility when selecting what skills you're going to use.

There's no need to restart your character.
ah ok thanks lol. I should definitely use advanced tips sounds like i need them.
may bad I should have clarified what elective mode does.

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