Auction house enlisting bug

Bug Report
I enlisted an item twice and it does not show that it is selling. I cannot search for it, multiple of my friends can't search for it, just wondering if this is happening to anyone else in this game. I undercut the item and can see worse item than mine for more money and seeing people buy it.
I also have this problem. I have put up a ring of +134 strength, but when searching for rings of min 130 strength it does not show up.

All my friends have had a similar experience (list item, isn't selling, the search for it and can't find it, none of us can find it either).

Currently, all of my 10 AH slots are used up, and probably none return in searches. So the AH is not usable for 2 days (or however long it takes to reset). Then hopefully the new items I list don't bug up.

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